The General Car Insurance

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The General Car Insurance – Prepaid debit card. This card will be very useful for our clients who do not use banking services, but want to pay for their insurance policy safely and easily. NetSpend described the benefits to our customers in a recent press release:

“With the NetSpend Card, consumers save time by paying auto insurance premiums electronically to keep their home safe by paying their bill online, eliminating the need for money orders or bank transfers. It can also save them money in two ways: first, they avoid fees for money transfers or bank transfers, and if there are any, they can also get a discount when paying electronically.”

The General Car Insurance

The General Car Insurance

Use this link to find out more and get a quote (certain restrictions apply and are detailed in their terms and conditions):

The General The General Powers And Abilities Can Provide People With High Quality Car Insurance For A Low Price.

Our partnership with NetSpend provides our customers with a flexible and convenient payment method. Our goal is to help our customers save time and money, making it easy for you to stay covered and on the road!

Writes General Automobile Insurance Services Inc. (The General), an insurance agency, offers auto insurance through subsidiaries and other lines of business through affiliated and unaffiliated partners. For more information, see legal disclosure.

Product offers, coverage, payment plans, discounts and features are subject to review and vary by state and program. Individual experiences may vary. Rates and potential savings vary by qualification and vary by state and program.

*Average annual savings data is based on information provided by customers surveyed nationwide in September 2020 and February 2021 who switched to The General and experienced savings.” The Sos campaign includes a new logo, an evolved character, four new commercials and a sports and entertainment partnership. .

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NASHVILLE, Tennessee. , April 5, 2023 // — General is committed to establishing itself as the most responsive and flexible insurance company in the country. Today, General began the next step in the brand’s ongoing growth journey by announcing the launch of a new campaign called “Break,” aimed at drivers who need a break from life and their auto insurance.

The “The Break” campaign shows how General puts itself in its customers’ shoes and gives drivers a break when they need it most. That’s why the brand has been providing quality insurance and flexibility in policies and payments since 1963.

The “The Break” campaign includes new advertising, partnerships and a brand refresh with an updated logo and a revamped overall character. In every aspect, the campaign reflects the General’s simple belief: when times are tough and things don’t seem to be going well, breaking your car insurance can make all the difference. The brand’s four new commercials will launch this spring and summer and will showcase the special benefits that The General has been offering its customers for many years, such as flexible payment options and choosing your own payment term.

The General Car Insurance

In addition to a series of commercials, “The Break” includes an evolutionary character developed by Psyop who is modernized and more changeable. More importantly, his eyes are now open to better show his compassion. The General brand team also continued the history and prominence of the company’s current logo, maintaining the symbolic five stars while enhancing the new logo with an updated design. The new logo was first designed in-house, and then each letter was polished and refined by lettering artist and New York Times writer Jessica Hische.

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“At The General, providing respite to those who need it most is at the core of what we do,” said Cale Sly, vice president of marketing at The General. “This new campaign reflects our mission to be the most flexible and compassionate insurer and continues the evolution of our brand. We are committed to supporting our customers when they need us, and have done so for 60 years.”

The new commercials, the first phase of creative agency The General Energy’s BBDO, highlight flexible payment options and coverage that serve customers where they are. The General used characters and celebrities who at one time or another needed a break from their lives. The team is representative of General’s strategy to create authentic partnerships that align with the brand’s values ​​and mission, while also connecting with a diverse group of drivers who all deserve a break.

The General’s new ad campaign features four spots, including “Unlucky Brian” and “Piraguero.” Bad Luck Brian pairs celebrity brand ambassador Shaquille O’Neal with internet celebrity Bad Luck Brian to show that even unlucky drivers can relax with the General. “Piragero” appeals to the rapidly growing Latino audience by showing Shaq and the newly minted General visiting a street vendor selling Puerto Rican shaved ice. This spot, which is The General’s first spot created and released exclusively in Spanish, continues The General’s commitment to creating authentic, relevant connections with Latino audiences.

“What really attracted us to General was how much the entire organization cares about its customers, including showing empathy that is not typically expected in this category. That’s how we came up with the idea for the campaign,” said Josh Gross, Chief Creative Officer. at Chicago advertising agency Energy BBDO. “It’s a great, versatile idea and we’re excited to see it launch a new creative chapter for General, as well as our partnership with these great clients.”

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To connect with audiences across the country, The General is embarking on a series of targeted marketing partnerships that will bring the message of “The Break” to life, starting with the NBA G League. The General announced its partnership as the exclusive auto insurance partner of the NBA G League and G League Ignite in November with an eight-part docuseries titled “The Break Presented by The General.” The series is quickly becoming one of the highest-performing G League content partnerships of all time, proving that the Pause Generals’ messages are already resonating with mainstream audiences.

The advertising campaign is being launched in three phases, which will be distributed across television, digital platforms and social media. For more information and to view new commercials, visit and follow the brand on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

PGC Holdings Corp. is a licensed insurance agency and subsidiary. (PGC) is a General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc. company. (The General®), which is wholly owned by Family Mutual Insurance Company of America. Through its subsidiaries and predecessor insurance companies, PGC has been in the auto insurance business since 1963, serving customers who may have difficulty obtaining insurance from other carriers at a reasonable price. Visit or; Follow The General on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The General Car Insurance

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