Sell My Used Stuff Online

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Sell My Used Stuff Online

Sell My Used Stuff Online

There are several large auction and sale sites online, and as you will see, some charge more than others. The main players, Amazon and eBay, have high costs, but they are also some of the most popular sites on the Internet. If your goal is sales speed, these sites are the way to go. If you are trying to maximize your profit, it can take you a while to find a buyer on a small site.

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You can sell almost anything on Amazon, but selling in some specific categories requires Amazon approval and an enhanced selling plan. Amazon charges different types of fees for items sold, depending on the selling plan you have.

If you choose the standard individual selling plan, you will pay Amazon 99 cents per item sold, plus referral fees. The referral fee is a percentage of the item’s total sales price, including shipping but not tax, and is usually between 8% and 15%. If you sell media, including books, movies, and video games, you also pay $1.80 to close.

The updated Professional Sales plan requires a monthly subscription fee of $39.99, but you don’t have to pay 99 cents per item like you would with the Personal plan. So, the professional plan only makes sense if you plan to sell more than 40 items per month.

EBay allows you to auction and sell a variety of items and has a payment structure similar to Amazon. It charges a fee for each listing you create and a separate fee for each item sold. These fees vary based on factors such as item value, category and your seller’s performance. For most items, you pay 12.9% of the item’s final sales price, including shipping and sales tax, plus 30 cents. If you list more than 250 items per month, eBay starts charging you 35 cents per listing above 250.

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You can also update and promote your eBay listing in various ways for an additional fee. For example, you can set a reserve price so that your item is auctioned for at least this minimum amount. For most product categories, the fee for setting the reserve price is $5 or 7.5% of the reserve price, whichever is greater, with a maximum commission of $250. You must pay this fee regardless of whether your item is sold or not.

Bonanza sells a range of products similar to Amazon and eBay. It charges a fee based on the selling price of your item plus shipping over $10. So if you sell an item for $20 and ship it for $13, your fee will be based on the $23 price. Bonanza charges you 3.5% of that price; in our example, you will pay about 80 cents. The minimum charge is 50 cents per item.

For items that sell for $1,000 or more, you pay 3.5% of the first $1,000 and then 1.5% of the amount over $1,000.

Sell My Used Stuff Online

These websites and apps don’t always cut your sales, but you are responsible for connecting with buyers, meeting them in person, and sharing. This is definitely different from the style of online auctions and sales. If you’re not comfortable handling all the logistics yourself and then meeting strangers, you should probably stick to the internet.

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Depending on what you’re selling, you can arrange to meet the buyer in a public place (many local police stations offer “safe places” for such sales) or ask a friend to stay with you while you’re selling. Simplicity is the key here: no packaging, shipping or fees, just cash in your hand. But unlike many online sales sites, this marketplace has no guarantees or protection if your buyer turns out to be inappropriate.

Large online sites are great for offloading a wide variety of items, but specialty items like antiques and vintage clothing you can sell to a more targeted audience.

Poshmark is a hybrid of online sales and social networking for clothing and other products. The fee structure is simple: you are charged $2.95 for all sales under $15; for anything $15 or more, 20% commission. Poshmark charges your shoppers $7.67 for expedited shipping, so you simply print a prepaid shipping label, package the party, and ship it. Learn more about where and how to sell clothes online.

To list items for sale on Ruby Lane, you must pay a monthly maintenance fee of $25. List at least 15 items per month and you’ll get a $25 discount. Ruby Lane also charges a service fee of 9.9% of the total purchase. (See here for a more detailed payment schedule.)

Selling Sites And Marketplaces For Selling Things Online (2023)

You will want to have a good idea that can offset these maintenance and service costs at Ruby Lane before you take the plunge.

If you love selling handmade arts and crafts or vintage collectibles, Etsy is the place to be. You pay 20 cents to list an item, then a transaction fee of 6.5% of the item’s selling price, including shipping. If you use Etsy Payments to process your payment, you will be charged an additional 3% plus 25 cents.

Swappa is the marketplace and Gazelle works as a reseller. With Swappa, you set your own price based on the same listing and ship the device directly to the buyer. Gazelle gives you a quote on your smartphone, laptop or tablet, and you send it to the company.

Sell My Used Stuff Online

You can compare price information on this site to find the best deal. Although these sites operate slightly differently, they both make it easy to get quick cash for your electronics instead of them gathering dust in your drawer.

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Doesn’t that pink floral sweater make you happy anymore? Then it’s time to get out your mobile device. Selling casual clothes online has never been easier thanks to websites and apps that allow you to make your purchases from the comfort of your home. Plus, if you’re trying to clean out your closet, donating or reselling clothes and accessories is the best option for the planet, according to sustainability experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute, because the greenest fashion is what you own. Reduce waste

However, when it comes to selling unwanted clothing online, not all services are created equal. While some do all the work for you, others require you to take a photo and enter a detailed description of your item. In this case, if you want your item to sell for the highest price, it is important to learn the tricks of the trade. “It’s all about photography,” he says

Directed by Laura Bergamot. “Make sure your images are clear and captured from all angles – and be super precise in detailing the size and condition of your item.” Timing also makes all the difference: Bergamotta says you will do better if you sell something that is in high demand seasonally. “When the polar vortex approaches, heavy winter coats will come off faster than bathing suits!” – he notes.

Sell My Used Stuff Online

To get you started, we asked our editors and product experts to share their favorite places to sell clothes online.

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Who it’s best for: Sellers who don’t have time to list, take photos, and ship their items.

Our editors can’t stop dreaming about it. In fact, Digital Director Lauren Matthews says she sells all her old clothes, as well as her son’s clothes, on thredUP. “It’s very simple,” he said. “They send you pre-paid bags or mailing labels, you send your clothes to the company, then their staff takes care of everything from photography to description, so you just sit back and see what sells”. Selling on ThredUp is free and they take a percentage of the profits

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