How To Sell Clothes Fast

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Selling clothes online is easier than ever! Instead of leaving that black dress you only wore once or those expensive jeans with tags gathering dust in your wardrobe, why not sell your clothes online for cash? But what is the best place to sell clothes online?

How To Sell Clothes Fast

How To Sell Clothes Fast

If you’re cleaning out your closet and looking for apps and sites to sell your used clothes online, fear not, because this is a great place to start.

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Here’s a list of the top ten places to sell your unwanted clothes online, along with helpful tips and tricks to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Or, if you haven’t started decluttering yet but want to start, read this post on how to clean out your closet or a complete guide to decluttering your whole house.

Here is a list of the best apps and sites where you can sell clothes online. Each site has its own unique experience, pros and cons, and sales and shipping fees.

Poshmark is one of the most popular sites for selling clothes online. You can sell clothing and accessories for men, women and children here, but their main focus is on good condition and brand names that people recognize.

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As you’d expect when buying and selling designer clothing, Poshmark sellers and buyers tend to be trendier.

To sell on Poshmark, take great photos of your clothes, upload photos, and create a description. As the seller, you have complete control over the price. This means you can immediately trade it in to make a deal with someone, and bargaining is an accepted practice at Poshmark. You can also offer discounts on bundles of items.

Listing items on Poshmark is free, and the buyer pays the shipping fee – but you can pay for shipping to sell items faster.

How To Sell Clothes Fast

Shipping is simple once items are sold on Poshmark; When an item is sold, the company will send you a prepaid shipping label, which makes it easy to pack, ship, and track your package once you ship it to the buyer.

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If you have something vintage or unique, or something that fits a certain aesthetic, you can list it on Depop. This app sells everything from well-known designers to independent brands. The best-selling categories are visible on the Depop homepage, currently featuring categories such as vintage, y2k, streetwear, urban outfitters and more.

DePop looks like a combination of Instagram and eBay, so it appeals to younger shoppers. Also, this clothing resale site uses hashtags to organize listings, so if you know how to use them well, your items will sell faster.

Another popular site for selling used clothing – men’s, women’s or children’s – isThredUp. Think of it as an online home improvement store. The best thing about ThredUp is that you don’t have to take your own photos or list items, which saves you time and effort.

Here’s how it works; Just order a free cleaning kit and once you have it, all you have to do is pack your clothes and send them off. ThredUp will inspect, photograph and list items on your behalf.

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If they want to send back clothes that the company doesn’t accept, you’ll have to pay a $10.99 fee. Or you have the option to tell them to donate any unsold clothes and get $5 for every kit you donate.

Once your items are sold, ThredUp will pay the proceeds via Stripe or PayPal. It is important to collect your proceeds within one year of the sale; Otherwise, proceeds will be converted to an electronic gift card that will be mailed. Then, the funds on the e-Gift card can only be used to make purchases on ThredUp.

People flock to buy and sell vintage clothes on Winted, which is good news for sellers because there are no fees or costs to sell here. That’s right – you keep 100% of the money you make when you sell clothes on Winted!

How To Sell Clothes Fast

After creating an account, you need to take pictures of your clothes and set a price. Then you wait for people to be interested and buy them.

How To Sell Clothes Online

Of course, running a company costs money, and they make money with a buyer protection service; Here’s how it works. No commission is paid for the sale of goods; However, the buyer pays a small percentage of the price and a flat fee for each purchase (see fees listed below).

They also offer Wardrobe Spotlight, which helps users increase the visibility of their items to shoppers.

Do you have some high-end clothing, bags, shoes or accessories that you want to sell? Then check out Trady. This resale website is sleek and polished, specializing in gently used items that typically cost a hundred dollars or more.

Think branded goods such as Hermes, Coach, Gucci, Burberry or Louis Vuitton; If you own luxury brands with high price tags like these, consider selling them here.

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When it comes to shipping and listing, a few benefits make selling easier. Although the seller is responsible for writing the description, setting the price and taking the photos, the merchant can help the seller increase the quality of the displayed image of the “store”.

You can save money by DIY packing and shipping, or you can have Tradesy send you a “shipping kit” that includes a prepaid USPS shipping label. Just print the prepaid label and attach it to your package and you’re ready to ship!

Another resale site that specializes in designer clothing is The Real Real. As an online “genuine luxury goods” store, The Real Real aims to be the go-to place for trendsetters looking for clothes from designers such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel and Burberry.

How To Sell Clothes Fast

The Real Real employs hundreds of experts, such as brand authenticators and gemologists, to check the products they receive and ensure they are legitimate. They have served over 27 million shoppers and sold over 2.5 billion luxury products online – wow!

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Selling on Real Real is simple because they handle all the inspections and authentications, photograph the items, price them to sell and sell them for you. It’s a complete experience for you from start to finish!

To post your items in their online store, you can either mail them in with a pre-paid envelope from The Real Real, or schedule free home pickup if you have a large collection you’d like to sell.

The only downside is that these are the fees you pay The Real Real for this premium concierge merchandise service.

Mercari is one of the most popular resale sites with over 50 million downloads and over 19 million active users on its platform as of 2021.

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Not only can you sell new or used clothing on Mercari, but you can also sell collectibles, CDs, DVDs, pet supplies, craft supplies, home decor, and more. It’s like a unique online flea market!

To sell on Mercari, you must be able to take your own photos, write your own descriptions, and list the item yourself. Sellers can choose a prepaid label from Mercari or self-delivery (requires tracking number).

While other resale websites may specialize in high-end luxury items, Mercari is more of a mixed bag; You see budget brands like Old Navy and Target mixed with name brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Bottega Veneta. However, more of the former and less of the latter.

How To Sell Clothes Fast

Did you know that eBay is one of the oldest websites on this list? People have been selling clothes and more on eBay since it opened its virtual doors in 1995!

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There are many features and options that make eBay a great platform for selling clothes, such as the advanced search function that allows you to track the final price of sold items and the ability to open an eBay store to save on fees.

This is one of my favorite places to sell clothes online because after decluttering my house I had a lot to sell: kids clothes, womens clothes, collectibles, kitchen appliances and housewares and more.

In total, I made $50,000 selling my old stuff online, the lion’s share of it over three years on eBay. Read more about it and my top tips here.

With 30 years of stuff I’ve sold on eBay, I’ve found it worthwhile to open a store, but see if the savings are enough to offset the fees. You can take photos, pack, weigh, list and print shipping labels from your phone.

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If you have large items in your area that you want to sell or get rid of quickly, Facebook Marketplace is great. It is also one of the few

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