Any Pawn Shops Open Today

Any Pawn Shops Open Today – Whether you want to sell, trade, buy or if you want to use your possessions as collateral for a quick loan, there are many pawn shops in Houston where all of this is possible. There are a number of pawn shops in Houston that offer an Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders, some specializing in high-end items such as jewelry and luxury handbags.

If you want to buy expensive products like electronics and musical instruments, you are guaranteed to get quality goods from reputable pawn shops. All items are checked with the original owners before deals are made to cover everyone’s back, so who knows what kind of deal you might get.

Any Pawn Shops Open Today

Any Pawn Shops Open Today

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite pawn shops in Houston to help you decide which place is best for you to buy or sell goods.

Selma Pawn Shop

We’ve noted what makes these locations different from others, including what they specialize in and the overall vibe of the store.

Finally, a note on pricing: although each item is priced individually at each pawn shop, we’ve tried to include where you’ll find it a little easier to negotiate. We’ve also listed each store’s inventory type as an indication of its pricing structure.

Wright Pawn and Jewelry is a long-standing, award-winning luxury pawn shop in west Houston. West Houston has no shortage of high-end specialists, and shops in the area stock goods such as ski gear and cigars; You will also find nice restaurants here.

Unlike many Houston (or Texas) pawn shops, Wright Pawn and Jewelry does not process or supply firearms or ammunition. They also have a strict no-charge policy and only work with items like jewelry, watches, luxury handbags, and belt buckles.

W. Northwest Hwy

Wright Pawn and Jewelry has been in business for over thirty years. They have recently expanded their range of handbags to over twenty shelves. All bags are pre-loved; However, the shelves are only available with bags that are still in exceptional condition. And they are much more affordable than buying brand new. The store only carries handbags from some of the most luxurious brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci, just to name a few.

This charming store won the award for Best Pawn Shop in Houston in 2021. This award, like all previous awards, is due in large part to the hard work and dedication of owner Pamela Wright. She was not only included in the list of the twenty-five most beautiful women in Houston in 2017, but was honored by the “Social Book” as one of Houston’s gems. In addition, she was named an outstanding woman by abc13.

Wright Pawn & Jewelry is a very sophisticated boutique pawn shop. They have higher prices than you would expect for second-hand goods; but it depends on the quality of each product they offer. If you want to sell, you will get a very fair price here. This store only takes used and used items that are environmentally friendly.

Any Pawn Shops Open Today

Crystal Lombard is a relatively new establishment that upholds traditional values ​​and offerings. They stock everything you would expect from a true Texas dealer, including antiques, electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, furniture and firearms.

Fort Smith Pawn Shop

Along with being a hot spot for buying and selling merchandise, Crystal Pawn Shop specializes in gun consignment. They can assist with local and long distance shipping to ensure all documents are properly signed and properly stored; This includes a background check.

One of the features we really like about Crystal Pawn is their “Free Cash”. That’s exactly what it says in the castle, an area where free items are placed daily for customers to help themselves to. This is a full lucky draw where items are available on a first come, first served basis and are limited to one family. The ‘Bin’ has its own webcam, so you can see if the stock will make your visit worthwhile.

Lombard Crystal is not very picky about the items they can use as collateral for quick loans. As long as the item, whatever it is, is in working order and can be resold if the loan is repaid, they offer it. The prices here are very fair, and the staff is amazing and always happy to cut you some sort of deal. The guys here will go above and beyond to make sure you have a great experience, including free watch repairs and battery replacements.

The store is a little over half an hour from downtown Houston. This neighborhood is full of cultural diversity, from quaint African supermarkets to incredible Venezuelan restaurants and stylish Mexican joints to Spanish boutiques like Crystal Pawn Shop.

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Sunbelt Pawn Jewelry and Loan is a traditional, trusted, family-owned chain of pawn shops in Houston. After establishing the shop in 2005, the family now owns twelve pawnshops with the same name, and Ella’s branch is the original (and best) shop. Sunbelt truly cares about its community and the future of Houston; they offer scholarships for local youth with the potential to become future business leaders.

Sunbelt is one of the fastest places to get a cash loan. Loans can be processed within minutes. The shop also allows loan renewals and extensions as long as interest and other fee payments are kept up to date. No credit bureau will know about the loan you get from Sunbelt.

All Sunbelt stores offer jewelry repairs, including stone replacement or restoration, lock repair and ring sizing. Their large jeweler is located inside Luetta’s store (about half an hour north of Ella). And if the Ella team or any other store cannot help, they are happy to liaise with Luetta before the trip.

Any Pawn Shops Open Today

Unlike many of the amazing Houston pawn shops on our list, Sunbelt actually has an online store where you can browse their products from the comfort of your own home. They also sell on eBay. The online store is used for accessories such as handbags, sunglasses and shoes.

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Harrisburg Pawn Shop has been a very reliable and responsible pawn shop since the mid-nineties, with good products and fair prices as their promise. The store deals in jewellery, gold, handbags, electrical appliances, firearms and everyday items.

What we really love about Harrisburg is their online store; you can choose to buy the item directly on their website and even make a lower bid if you want to negotiate the price. You can get some great deals online, but nothing beats shopping face to face!

Harrisburg offers very competitive interest rates on loans, with reduced rates if the amount is paid early. The process is easy and the staff work hard to make you feel at ease and not pressured into making decisions that aren’t quite right for you. Each step of the loan is explained in detail, which is a good choice for those who work for the first time.

This pawnshop is very close to the center of Houston and has good transport links to most parts of the city. The area has a number of establishments for those on a budget or down on their luck, including a large used car dealership and the Open Door Mission. The Open Door Mission is an independent community that offers a safe space to address issues such as addiction and homelessness.

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Believers Pawn is a great choice if you are looking for a pawn shop outside of Houston. The store is located forty minutes north in the Tomball neighborhood, directly across from Lone Star Community College.

At Believers Pawn, you’ll find a large selection of firearms along with power tools, sports memorabilia and tools. The prices here are really competitive and they often have sales and raffles to ensure plenty of stock turnover to keep the shelves attractive to returning customers.

Thanks to the local student community, this is probably one of the best pawn shops if you want to invest in second hand video games. Many games are in excellent condition and can be purchased for half their retail value.

Any Pawn Shops Open Today

We hope we’ve helped you make a short list of the best pawn shops to consider in Houston.

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If you want to see where else in Houston you can buy quality, second-hand goods, you can check out the best vintage stores in Houston for inspiration.

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