Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program

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Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program – If you already have a bachelor’s degree and are in good academic standing, U of L is offering a new, accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program starting in May 2024.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree and a GPA of at least 3.0, U of L accepts students who want to pursue an accelerated nursing program.

Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program

Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program

On Wednesday, the university announced a partnership with Oshner Lafayette General to help combat a critical shortage of registered nurses across Acadiana.

Jacksonville University Responds To Nursing Shortage With New Programs

Dean Lisa Broussard of the UL College of Nursing and Health Sciences said Lafayette is home to one of the most respected nursing programs and students will graduate prepared for the workforce.

“We all know we really, really, really need more registered nurses,” Broussard said. “Our nursing program is highly regarded. We have a reputation for excellence and are very excited about this opportunity to add to the workforce in the Acadiana region.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1.1 million new nurses will be needed by 2023.

Oschner Academic Health Center head Leonardo “Leo” Seoan said so many nurses have left the industry during the pandemic, so now they need to fill those gaps.

Hospital Partnership Covers Tuition, Offers Jobs To Uthsc Accelerated Bsn Students

“Training new nurses and getting new nurses into the workforce within 15 months will have a huge impact on our community by providing highly skilled nurses who can care for us and our families and therefore break down barriers to access to nursing,” Seoan said.

For more information on how you can apply, please call (337) 482-5604 or visit Nursing and Health Sciences | University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The following policy describes the collection and distribution practices for the main University of Health Sciences website (), all websites within the domain, and other affiliated websites/domains of the University.

The University of Health Sciences offers an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in two learning modes, hybrid-online and on-campus. The BSN program prepares candidates to enter practice as generalist nurses. At the end of the program, the graduate must apply for, take, and pass the National Council for Registered Nurse Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) required of all registered nurse candidates.

Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program

The on-campus learning modality offers a personalized on-campus didactic component. Clinical rotations, group assignments, and laboratory assignments are also held at one of the Southern Nevada or Utah campuses and/or healthcare facilities.

Accelerated Bsn Program

The hybrid-online learning modality offers an online didactic component with faculty presentations. Clinical rotations, group assignments, and laboratory assignments are in-person at one of the campuses and/or healthcare facilities in Southern Nevada or Utah.

The College of Health Sciences’ undergraduate nursing program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Join us as we bring innovative care and attention to our communities. You’ll have access to cutting-edge technology, learn how to provide empathic care to your patients, and gain hands-on clinical experiences that will prepare you for a variety of career options in nursing. Applications Have questions? Contact an admissions counselor.

Sciences that deal with living organisms, life processes and their relationships. A total of 12 credit hours must be taken in anatomy, physiology, and microbiology with laboratory credit.

Accelerated Bsn Programs In California

Courses that study human culture include, but are not limited to; art, history, anthropology, communication, literature, philosophy, religion, music and theatre.

Applicants must complete the following courses with a minimum grade of “C” (2.0) or higher. The cumulative GPA must meet the minimum 2.75 GPA requirement.

The University’s College of Nursing makes it easy for you to overcome financial and scheduling obstacles to complete your courses and meet your academic goals. If you need early participation courses, it’s time to maximize your partnership with StraighterLine. StraighterLine offers individualized, affordable, ACE-accredited online general education courses. Partnering with StraighterLine offers an affordable, easy path to a nursing degree.

Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a preliminary test used to determine an applicant’s academic readiness in reading, math, science, and English. TEAS is open to all prospective students who wish to apply to the College of Nursing program at. TEAS is also required to determine a qualified student for interview admission.

Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing, Abs N

The university now offers the TEAS exam with virtual examination. To register for the exam, visit http://gonursing./virtualteas/inquiryform.

* Minimum TEAS scores may change each academic year. Please contact an advisor at the appropriate campus and program for clarification. Please note: MEETING THE MINIMUM TEA REQUIREMENTS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF AN INTERVIEW OR ACCEPTANCE INTO THE PROGRAM. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing application process is a competitive process based on the applicant pool. Preparing for the TEAS Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (ATI) helps applicants prepare for the TEAS. Preparation materials and practice tests can be found through the goATI online store.

Students must submit an application during registration to take the exam at our Henderson or South Jordan campuses. Please email the appropriate Registration and Enrollment office for more information regarding testing times, locations, and registration. Students have to pay the test fees online while taking the exam. The cost of the test is $70.

TEAS Test for Out-of-State Applicants Out-of-state students should contact ATI at 1-800-667-7531 to schedule a protected TEAS. Applicants must notify ATI that they are taking the College of Health Sciences Nursing TEA. Upon completion of the test, please ensure that your TEAS results have been sent to the University of Health Sciences College of Nursing. Only results received directly from ATI will be considered official.

Accelerated Nursing Program

Students can also contact testing centers located at colleges or universities in their area to determine if they are eligible to take the TEAS test at that location.

TEAS Scores TEAS scores must be official and sent directly to ATI from the University of Health Sciences. Candidates who have already taken the TEAS within the past 12 months should visit the ATI website to order official test scores to be sent to the University of Health Sciences.

If you have additional questions about the TEAS exam, please call our College of Nursing Admissions at 702-968-6642.

Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program

An applicant’s initial eligibility review is based on grades obtained in previous courses as well as their TEAS exam scores. These scores are then competitively reviewed by the Director of Enrollment and Enrollment to determine interviewee eligibility. All applicants must complete an interview. During this process, applicants will be asked to complete a writing sample.

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After completing the interview process, applicants to the University’s accelerated BSN program will be competitively screened based on a scoring system in the following areas:

The College of Nursing Admissions Committee will review and make a recommendation for admission within two weeks of interviewing applicants. Letters of recommendation will be emailed to the Director of Enrollment and Registration. Due to the overall competitiveness of our program, applicants are reminded that they are applying for the program, not the campus. Campus decisions are final and available at the time of submission.

Detailed offers of acceptance will be emailed to their nurse using their CAS account email address. The email offer letter will contain a confirmation packet that provides the next steps to secure their place in the program. Applicants offered acceptance are required to secure their acceptance by submitting a $250.00 accommodation deposit within 14 days of their offer. Applicants who do not submit their residence deposit within 14 days will be denied admission and will have to reapply and go through the entire admission process. Please note that applicant accommodation deposits are non-refundable.

Deposit – Clearance – In the event an applicant is accepted into the College of Nursing’s accelerated BSN program and, due to extenuating circumstances, is unable to begin the program within the acceptance period, the applicant will have the opportunity to re-admit his or her acceptance. return it. eligible term. However, the applicant will be required to submit their accommodation deposit and will be guaranteed a place for the next eligible term at the campus where they were originally offered.

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Application Rollover- In the event that the applicant is unable to move forward in the approval process, the applicant may request to roll over their application to the next eligible period. Applicants who request this option will be placed into a new applicant pool and screened competitively. Requesting a return application does not guarantee an interview or acceptance into the program.

** Please note that application fees and accommodation deposits are non-refundable for applicants who fail to submit a late deposit or amendment form after completing the application.

The nursing curriculum has a didactic and clinical component. All students must pass a criminal background check as required by clinical institutions. Student criminal background checks are done through Complio. Human resources staff at the clinical agency review each student’s background check results and accept or deny the student’s opportunity to enter their agency for a clinical rotation. A student who is not admitted to an institution for a clinical rotation cannot meet graduation requirements. The student must withdraw from the nursing program. Additional information may be obtained

Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program

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