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Where To Buy Cheap Accessories – After a great adventure through an expensive American doll store, I wanted to find or make Hazel for my dolls at a better price. One of his favorite items in the store is the doll’s binoculars that come with the trailer attachment. Since he only really cares about the binoculars, I couldn’t see spending the money on a full set. Then I looked through the doll’s binoculars and discovered that there weren’t many other than American girls. We decided to check out Target and Michael’s but no luck. Then we hit the dollar tree and I saw them.

We thought they would make binoculars similar to the ones in the store. (I had so many ideas for how to make them, but Hazel wanted them to be small, like stores.) So, that’s what we did. We used two pencil holders, twine of the same color (also bought in a six-color pack at Dollar Tree), two star-shaped (but a larger bead will work) beads, and two open beads that will fit in the hole. blow pencil holder and two pony beads. The tools we needed were a kitchen sink, a needle with a large eye (the binding should fit on it) and glue. The first step is to use a cabinet to store both. Then thread the needle and pull it through one handle, the star bead, and the other. Pull out the string and give yourself a good amount to tie around the doll’s head. Then I glued the tub in place. Then glue a second bead to the other end of the handle for stability.

Where To Buy Cheap Accessories

Where To Buy Cheap Accessories

I put a clean bead on the strap and pony tail where the eyes go. The connection of two heavy objects helps the glue to set properly. Then cut the string to the desired length and tie the end to fit the doll. Once the glue is dry, your binoculars are ready to use!

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Trailer accessories now also have a trailer mix package. I have something that looks like a paper mini print. Ann Vantur Paper Minis offers a free draft with a monthly newsletter. She often offers them in different scales: 1/12 (doll), 1/6 (Barbie doll), and 1/3 (18 inch doll size). To subscribe to his newsletter and access all his free projects, email him at email to [email protected]. Many projects include food packages, check them out. Free!! She has more amazing designs to shop in her store.

At Shopping Adventures, we’ve found some great items to use with your dolls. We found the notebooks pictured above at Michael’s. They came in an 18-pack and were 60% off, making them about $1.20. We found a flashlight near the dollar tree. The original we bought had a palm leaf top that was removable so we removed it. It’s bigger than the American Girl tent, but it will fit.

If you put the battery in it will definitely work. Next I need to make a tent for the Hazel dolls.

We also found tea at the Dollar Tree. Hazel liked that it came with doll spoons so I grabbed the $1.

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We have a few more crafts to make and will share as we make them. Listen! This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission on purchases made through these links.

Tips, instructions, inspiration and access to our resource library full of free embroidery designs and PDF patterns.

Embroidery is a fun and popular hobby, but buying the necessary supplies and accessories can be expensive. I heard you can pick up embroidery supplies for next to nothing at your local dollar tree, but I had to see for myself.

Where To Buy Cheap Accessories

So whether you’re new to machine embroidery or a seasoned pro, you’ll be surprised when you don’t have anything to support your sewing and embroidery habits.

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It is important to keep your sewing machine clean and well-maintained for smooth operation and long service life. Luckily, you can find lots of inexpensive sewing supplies and car care accessories at the Dollar Tree.

Most sewing and embroidery machines come with a small brush to help clean lint and thread from your machine. Unfortunately, they tend to be a bit modest. For more effective cleaning, purchase the rich version.

“Cleaning” the floss path of some dental machines can be an effective way to remove floss, lint, and lint from your appliance. Purchase a special package for storing sewing and embroidery machines.

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Dryers are essential when collecting yarn and lint from small areas. They can also help with the thorough threading of many needle sewing machines.

Isopropyl alcohol (cleaning alcohol) is essential when cleaning a sewing machine. You can use it to remove needle and foot residue. If you use a lot of spray adhesive, be sure to rub your hands with rubbing alcohol.

These items (known as dollar staples) are great for removing the glue gun from the embroidery hook. If you have a dirty sewing hook, I would definitely check these things out.

Where To Buy Cheap Accessories

I was so surprised to find items at the dollar store that I could use for sewing and embroidery projects. And at these prices, I might pick up a few extras to have on hand when the inspiration strikes.

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Yes, Dollar Tree actually has some fabrics. I was surprised that they have small cotton fabrics in beautiful colors and simple (tasteful) patterns.

The beauty of these prints was that they were all very small, making them perfect for applique. A fabric with a larger pattern is often not suitable for appliqué as you cannot understand the design.

The tape is not only for wrapping gifts, especially for grape and grain varieties. You can use it to decorate a variety of sewing and embroidery projects.

Film is often an essential element of major projects. For example, I often use ribbon for embellishments or ziplock bags.

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You can actually embroider a ribbon, which is a beautiful and personal hair accessory or a branded way to give a gift.

Have you ever put a USB stick through a washing machine? I have It didn’t turn out very well.

Keep all your USB sticks (for transferring embroidery designs to the embroidery machine) in one place with this stylish and colorful technical case. They are large enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, which will reduce the possibility of washing.

Where To Buy Cheap Accessories

Plus, these bright colors and patterns will make this little case stand out among the chaos of the sewing room.

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If you want to really get organized, these adhesive hangers are perfect for scissors, sewing hooks, rotary cutters and other tools.

A hanging organizer tray is a great way to organize all those bits and pieces that tend to get lost in a drawer, like mini screwdrivers, seam rippers, measuring weights and fountain pens.

You know how that pile of unfinished projects can feel a little overwhelming when you walk into the sewing room? Get them off the floor with this spacer too.

These industrial metal storage boxes are perfect for storing small sewing and embroidery tools. They also have a premium look that belies their low price.

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What to do with PDF samples after printing? Well, you can throw them away or recycle them. However, it is fine to print the pattern if you want to redo the project.

That’s why you need envelopes. They are the perfect size to hold a complex paper sample. , and you can use your (soon to be mentioned) Sharpee marker.

I love my board to store my sewing tools and supplies. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Dollar Tree has accessories that allow you to hang a variety of tools and supplies.

Where To Buy Cheap Accessories

I really like the math of large cutters and rotary cutters for cutting large pieces of fabric. But the mini is also very useful. I like to use it to cut small pieces of fabric or ribbon. I am

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