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Online Master Degree – For more than 40 years, Georgia Tech Professional Education has provided career-focused online adult learning programs around the world. Built on Georgia Tech’s rigorous in-person programs, our 10 online master’s degrees and three hybrid professional master’s degrees are designed to provide you with the STEM and leadership skills to be competitive in your field. In addition to coveted credentials from world-renowned universities, you can also issue:

, Georgia Tech’s graduate programs are consistently ranked in the top 10. The proven excellence of Georgia Tech’s graduate degrees and the convenience of online delivery make them an attractive choice for working professionals.

Online Master Degree

Online Master Degree

Our online master’s program gives you the flexibility to study wherever and whenever you want. Each course is as rigorous as its on-campus counterpart, allowing you to develop real-world knowledge and skills that advance your career without distractions.

Online Engineering Masters Programs

By participating in our distance learning program, you access a wealth of technology and industry knowledge while building a network of Georgia Tech faculty and industry professionals. A media-rich collaborative learning environment will allow you to virtually interact with your classmates and teachers. You’ll also have 24/7 access to online lectures, videos, discussion forums and more.

After completing the online course, many students travel to Atlanta for the graduation ceremony, where they can meet their students and professors at rson.

With the help of GT, this graduate program allows working professionals to earn a degree from Georgia Tech while continuing to work full-time. You will experience a level of academic rigor consistent with a top technology and engineering university.

You will receive practical, applied learning in a convenient format that combines in-person teaching with online learning. This hybrid approach only requires you to commit to a three-week visit to Georgia Tech’s main campus in Atlanta. You will receive the remainder of your two-year education online through pre-recorded lectures and real-time web conferencing sessions.

Top 25 Best Online Master’s Programs 2019

Each program consists of 10 courses. You’ll focus on one class at a time, culminating with a capstone course that challenges you to apply what you’ve learned to solve real industry problems.

“Georgia Tech is a top-tier, internationally recognized institution. I knew that if I was going back to school, I wanted to learn at the best institution.”

“My professional potential is limited and I know I need better tools to utilize the skills I have. Now I can bridge the gap between customers and the engineering team to make a real impact.

Online Master Degree

“Peers have a great motivation to succeed. You’re in a wide network that keeps motivating you to do more. It encourages you to keep learning.”

Masters Program Online

“The best thing about this degree is that we enroll while we study. We do activities and projects in all courses.

Which one? Who is this for? What is the difference? Interested in an undergraduate degree at Georgia Tech but not sure which program is right for you? Our comparison chart will allow you to explore the opportunities and requirements associated with online courses to help you determine which is right for you.

The Institute has been approved by the State of Georgia to participate in the National Council for State Reciprocal Authorization Agreement (NC-SARA).

NC-SARA is a voluntary, regional approach to monitoring conditions in distance post-secondary education. The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) is an agreement among member states, districts, and territories that establishes comparable national standards for the interstate offering of postsecondary distance education courses and programs. The objective is to make it easier for students to take online courses offered by higher education institutions based in other countries. SARA is supervised by the National Council and administered by four regional education compacts.

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The Georgia Tech Veterans Resource Center promotes student learning and development and supports degree completion for student veterans, military personnel, reservists, guard members, and detainees by providing comprehensive support services that enhance and complement the academic experience. Visit the Georgia Tech Veterans Resource Center website for more information. Marketing is full of data. Every step you take in a big box store, the hundreds of ads you see every day, what your hobbies are and where you live are all data used for a successful marketing campaign. And while most marketers are (or should be) data literate, the demand for true data gurus is huge. This is why data science has been called many things, including “the sexiest job of the 21st century” and “the most sought-after skill for marketers.” per year, data scientists in marketing earn an average of more than $93,000. If you could almost double your salary in less than two years of school, would you? If the answer is yes, we have narrowed your search below. And if that’s all, note that almost all of the programs below were created with busy adult students in mind.Methodology:

Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) is a public research institution. This excellent university is located in Bloomington, Indiana. There are 49,695 students enrolled and the student-faculty ratio is 17:1. The Higher Learning Commission accredits IUB to provide comprehensive degree programs and professional certification. U.S. News Unlimited awards include: 90th best school in the country, 52nd best college for veterans, 14th best undergraduate teaching college, 6th best marketing program, 3rd best entrepreneurship program, 9th best management program, 2nd best school for business program online business graduate degree and 2nd best school for online MBA programs. If that wasn’t enough, IUB is world-renowned for its active visual and performing arts programs. This comprehensive school supports student success with remedial support, academic and career advising, placement for completion, student employment services, and even credit for life experience. Not only that, but IUB now offers 20 online degrees and professional certifications. One of the many online opportunities offered by IUB is the online Master of Science in Data Science. We chose this course for its high academic quality, flexibility and variety of courses available. The program lasts 30 credit hours and costs approximately $715 per credit hour. 15 credit hours dedicated to electives – meaning you can literally customize this program to your exact interests. All students will study: statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, data science, data analysis and visualization (multiple electives). You can specialize in precision healthcare or cybersecurity. For a top-notch master’s degree in data science that gives you the freedom to follow your unique passion, you can’t go wrong with IUB.

Dakota State University is a 4-year public institution located in Madison, South Dakota. There are 3,190 students enrolled and the student-faculty ratio is 17:1. Dakota State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to grant degrees of associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as professional certification. According to USA, New Dakota State is ranked as the 118th best college in the region and the 34th best public school. The University supports its students with remedial assistance, academic advising, career counseling, and life experience credit. Its academic offerings include several career-ready degree programs in the areas of biomedical sciences, medical informatics, kinesiology and exercise sciences, and special education. There are currently more than 25 online professional degrees and certifications available, including an online associate’s degree in Systems, Networking, and LAN/WAN, an online bachelor’s degree in special education, and an online master’s degree in information science . Dakota State University (DSU) offers a Master of Science in Analytics. We chose this program for its affordable monthly fee and number of options. You can follow one of three paths: general, health informatics, or information systems. This online degree prepares you for a career as a data scientist, data architect, market analyst, financial analyst, and more. Core courses include: Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Data Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Statistical Programming, Modern Applied Statistics I and II. If you follow the general path, you will study business finance, business analysis for management decisions, economics for decision making, strategic marketing, and program structure and design. We think this is a high value bond. For a direct path to a master’s degree in data science, this is a great option.

Online Master Degree

Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) is a public research university located in University Park, Pennsylvania. There are 47,789 students enrolled and the student-faculty ratio is 16:1. The Central State Commission on Higher Education accredits Penn State to award comprehensive degrees and professional certification. US News ranks Penn State as the 52nd best school in the country, the 20th best school for engineering majors and the 14th best public school. The University offers comprehensive student support services, including remedial assistance, academic and career advising, graduate placement, student employment, and life experience credit. Penn State’s overall ranking is 66th. We think this is very high for the remarkable academic and research strength of this emblematic institution. Students have many options and can literally choose any academic discipline imaginable, including women’s studies, veterinary science, substance abuse counseling, forestry, and opera. Another factor is that

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