Where To Sell Used Stuff Online

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Where To Sell Used Stuff Online – Yesterday I shared the 10 most used things to sell online. Hopefully you’ve looked around your house and garage and found a few things you’d like to try getting rid of—and make some money in the process! Now let’s see where and how we can sell used items online. I’ll share what you need to do to give your items the best chance of selling, and I’ll also share some important things you should do to protect your safety and make sure you don’t cheated.

Both Craiglist and Facebook Marketpace are options if you want to sell something locally and don’t have to worry about shipping or postage. It’s easier to list items on these sites than on sites like eBay or Amazon, and there are no fees or transaction fees since you’re often spending money offline. That said, it also means that you bear all the risks of these transactions. There is no seller protection offered by Facebook or Craiglist.

Where To Sell Used Stuff Online

Where To Sell Used Stuff Online

Craigslist has been around for over 20 years, and it’s still a place where people sell things. The best things to sell on Craiglist are large items such as appliances, cars, appliances, electronics, and furniture. Obviously, these items are very difficult to ship long distances. In addition to cars, we’ve successfully sold a dishwasher, an entertainment center, and a bed and frame on Craigslist.

How To Sell On Amazon

Facebook Marketplace is low risk as you can find potential customers by looking at their profile. Also, if you sell through a buy/sell group on Facebook, many of those groups have policies where you can report someone who violates the rules of the group. It gives you less protection than Craiglist. Facebook is a great place to sell large items, but you can also find success selling “lots” or “lots” of items such as children’s clothing or toys.

EBay has been around for decades, and while it functions as an auction site, there is also the option of selling items at a set price without conducting an auction. eBay is a great option for selling high quality or bulk items. One of the problems with eBay is that they keep up to 10% of the total cost of the sale – so if you choose to sell on eBay locally, make sure that you will make money from the sale.

Although it may surprise you, selling new or slightly used electronics on eBay is not recommended. Their return policy means that scammers can buy the item, strip it of the essential parts, and then send it back to you for a refund. Now you haven’t earned any money and you can’t get anything for that item. If you have electronics to sell, take lots of pictures and describe everything in detail. Or even better, sell accessories or parts (such as buttons, etc.)

Some items that sell well on eBay are highly sought-after animals or fancy and complete LEGO sets.

How To Sell Online: 5 Ways To Stop Being Too Salesy [infographic]

There are hundreds of places where you can sell used items online. Here are just a few of the reliable options for specific items:

Check out more information in one place to get the best idea for your purchase. Some websites may have higher current prices, but you should shop based on current prices on the platform you choose.

Consider the condition of the product and that the listed prices of similar items are not necessarily what they will sell for. Another place to check is the recently completed listing on ebay under that category. Now you can see what price they actually sell for!

Where To Sell Used Stuff Online

Download the Amazon app and scan the barcode of items to quickly see what the current sale looks like. This makes it much easier to go through the items and decide if they are worth listing.

Tips For Getting The Most Money Selling Secondhand

Always meet in a public place during the day, such as a busy shopping center parking lot or a school or church parking lot. For the best deals, meet at a bank or even a police car park.

If the item is at your home and the customer needs to pick it up, make sure that an adult is at your home when the customer comes. Move the thing out of your house, if possible, and don’t let that person into your house. Make sure you have the money before they get the item.

There are many ways to accept payments without providing personal information. Both you and the client will need to use the same program, so you may want to be flexible if they are comfortable with a particular platform.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to process payments within Facebook. Other options are Paypal, Venmo, Cash App,  or cash (for local sales). Both Cash App and Venmo do not charge fees for sending money.

Best Things To Sell Online — How To Sell Things Online

– Gift certificate or other similar transaction. You don’t know what the exact value is on the gift card, and they know the gift card numbers and can still use them.

When trying to sell used items online, some best practices are to be willing to communicate, be honest about your item, and take good photos! In photos, going overboard is never a bad thing.

If you’re trying to sell online, it probably won’t turn out to be a big part of your income every month, but if you keep it simple, you can get extra spending money. ? Online marketplaces are here to help you sell what you don’t need. dorian2013/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Where To Sell Used Stuff Online

This past holiday season, e-commerce sales peaked, accounting for 14.6 percent of retail sales between Nov. 1 and Christmas Eve; that’s more than a three percent increase from 2019. Although I passionately but dangerously unsuccessfully planned to make all the gifts for my loved ones on a budget, I was one of the millions of Americans who helped grow this e-commerce business, and managed not to stay in one brick-and-mortar store. Armed with my coupon codes and cashback browser extensions, I felt like I was saving tons of money just by shopping online — but as my credit card statements show, with discounts too , I was spending a lot of money. To my dismay, I started 2020 discovering a new debt.

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And so, I will return to where my problems began: the Internet – although this time not to buy, but to sell. Sites like eBay, Poshmark, ThredUp and Facebook Marketplace allow anyone to sell their goods. Here’s what you need to know to get started, and what has the best sales potential (and where).

EBay has 15 categories, making it the most popular site for sellers. Sellers have the option to open the property for auction, or place a bid with the “Buy It Now” option.

Daniella Flores, creator and author of “I Like To Dabble,” a blog about financial tips and side hustles, says “there’s nothing you can’t sell on eBay,” where she make your own fortune by “feeding” things, especially guitars .

“My wife and I make $2,000 to $3,000 [selling on eBay],” says Flores. “You can sell anything from collectibles, to electronics, to clothes.” dollhouses and even mason jars and vacuum bags. When you’re looking for an item to resell and research prices, filter your search by items that have already been sold. See the prices that previous items have sold for or exactly like yours, and use that as your price when listing your items.

How To Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

Check the website and app catalog for the latest information on what’s popular now. Currently, investigations are ongoing around the LSU Tigers, CorningWare and “Joker” properties. If you have a ’68 Ford Mustang lying around, you can join other sellers who have listed theirs for $139k.

Melanie Hartmann, owner of Creo Home Solutions, says: “The best things to sell on places like eBay are brand names and high demand.” “If you’re just starting out with no prior experience or reviews/loyalty on your eBay or similar account, you may not get as high a price for high-ticket items as someone with and an established account, so it might be worth listing and selling a few small-ticket items first to build your reputation and trust with your potential customers before listing something big. like a video game style.”

EBay adheres to final value fees (percentages vary by category and sale price) and, if you sell more than 50 items per month, loading fees. Read the fine print here.

Where To Sell Used Stuff Online

Makaela Premont, a health blogger at Uniquely Mickie, has been selling on Poshmark for about five years and finds that “brands that are well-known or expensive sell the fastest – including Nike, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Express” sell the best.

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“There are three easy steps to start selling

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