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Online Master’s Degree – The digital economy has disrupted almost every industry, but advertising and marketing especially so. Traditional “analog” advertising is unnecessary; if you don’t have a digital plan, you don’t have much of a plan at all. Employment rates reflect this change across the board. Jobs for marketing, advertising and promotions professionals are expected to grow 10 percent over the next 10 years, adding nearly 24,000 jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Market research analysts did even better: Job growth was 23%, about three times the national average, with 139,000 new jobs created. Of course, increased employment opportunities do not guarantee employment opportunities. So, what’s the best way to stand out in a competitive market? Experience is an important factor, and employers and professionals will look for people with credits from previous work and a strong portfolio. But an advanced degree, especially a master’s degree in digital marketing, may be the most compelling. Not only will you receive professional training in digital marketing strategies, you will also develop the required skills and have the opportunity to build a portfolio through projects and experience.

Below, we’ve selected the best online digital master’s programs, including MBA programs and professional marketing degrees. Each course is different, but most focus on a few key areas: social media marketing, digital storytelling, marketing management, and mobile marketing. Other features worth exploring include comprehensive master’s programs (including some one-year programs), asynchronous courses, certifications, and student support services. Keep reading to find the digital marketing guru that fits your needs! 1) University of Florida

Online Master’s Degree

Online Master's Degree

Founded in 1853, the University of Florida has more than 50,000 students, including students from every state and 100 countries around the world. U.S. News ranks the University of Florida among the top 40 schools in the nation, earning additional points for overall value, high school counselor ratings and online courses. Kiplinger’s Financial & Fisk College Guide ranks Florida third in the nation for affordability; two-thirds of students graduate with zero scores. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 20:1, Florida State combines the resources of its own research and teaching institutions with opportunities for collaborative learning. Almost half of the classes have fewer than 20 students. Florida State offers the first version of a unique online master’s in mass communications specializing in digital strategies. The 36-credit course includes core courses in digital message copywriting, lead generation and management, user experience theory and research, inbound strategy, social media advertising, and strategic communications and ethics. From there, students complete capstone activities to gain practical experience and develop skills in leadership and management, engagement, and transformation. The education is fast-paced and allows for maximum flexibility. Full-time students can complete the degree in approximately 16 months. Upon graduation, students will be able to write effective documents; develop good ROI strategies; measure and effectively communicate KPIs; and implement SEO best practices and other key competencies.

The 20 Best Online Business Management Master’s Degree Colleges Of 2023

Founded in 1971, Liberty University is a private Christian school in Lynchburg, Virginia with 100,000 online students. As a global leader in distance education, this independent online program is designed to accommodate the needs of a wide range of professionals, adult learners, and non-traditional students with a combination of oral and hybrid instruction rates, enrichment costs, and delivery options. Freedom’s generous transfer policy allows students to waive credit through prior academic work, work/life experience, MOOC certification, prior studies, military service, and/or portfolio. A low student-teacher ratio contributes to Liberty’s tight-knit community, with one-third of classes having fewer than 20 students. Liberty offers an online master’s degree in digital marketing and advertising with 36 credits. Core requirements include strategic marketing management, marketing promotion, supply chain management, marketing strategies and issues, brand management, and marketing strategy majors. For the specialization, students complete courses in Media Technology and Communication, Social Media, and Strategic Marketing in the Digital Age. With eight different entry dates each year, courses are offered in asynchronous, accelerated 8-week blocks to help students complete their degree as quickly as possible. ACBSP recognized his master.

Founded in 1887, Benedictine University is a private Catholic university with approximately 6,000 students. U.S. News and Forbes rank Benedictine among the best colleges in the country, and the Chronicle of Higher Education recognizes it as one of the fastest-growing schools in the country. A 13:1 student-teacher ratio creates an intimate learning environment and structured instruction, and 65% of classes have fewer than 20 students. Benedictine offers an online MBA in Online Marketing designed to help students develop digital and social media skills. Business courses include ethics and leadership in a global environment, project management, strategic management and marketing management. From there, students choose from three majors to focus on online marketing: traffic analysis, web analytics, research analysis, and social media marketing. All courses are highly flexible to accommodate a variety of students, and the integrated track courses can be completed in as little as 16 months. Instructors include successful entrepreneurs and innovators. Award-winning, online-adapted “just-in-time” courses and digital processes. Student support services include project managers, academic advising, tutoring, technical assistance, professional development and library services.

Founded in 1884, Temple University is a public university with a total enrollment of approximately 40,000 students, a quarter of whom are graduate students. Forbes, Washington Monthly and Times Higher Education rank the university among the best in the nation, and U.S. News rates it for best price tag, veteran support and at least two online programs . Temple’s 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio is excellent for a school of its size, combining the resources of a research center with small, structured instruction; nearly 40% have fewer than 20 students, and less than 10% have less than At 50 people. Temple’s Master of Digital Innovation in Online Marketing consists of 9 courses or 30 credits: information technology management, digital marketing, data analysis, digital business innovation, user experience design, social media innovation, mobile marketing strategy, and digital brand management and keywords to help you experience. All programs are designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate the schedules of working professionals, older students, and non-traditional students, with comprehensive programs allowing students to complete a master’s degree in approximately 16 months. In addition, the program’s advisory board includes marketing leaders and digital innovators from clients including Citi, LinkedIn, Johnson & Johnson, Warby Parker and Cigna.

Founded in 1909, Messiah College is a Messianic college with 3,300 students. The Princeton Review ranks Messiah University among the best colleges in the North, and U.S. News ranks it in the top 5 for academics, benefits and veterans services. . With a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1, Messiah fosters a comprehensive learning community that offers personalized, collaborative learning and a curriculum that emphasizes character development. Half of the courses have fewer than 20 students and less than 3% have 50 students. Messiah offers an online MBA with a concentration in digital marketing that includes 36 credits. Courses include accounting and financial management, decision data, business strategy and execution, global business and economic development, organizational planning, marketing strategy and customized services. The course focuses on digital marketing, social media strategy and marketing analysis. Study takes place in eight-week blocks to allow for maximum flexibility, with most students completing the master’s degree in approximately two years. Student support services include counselling, library visits, employment services and more. For those interested, additional master’s programs in social entrepreneurship, organizational and strategic communication, strategic leadership, management and nutrition are also available.

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Founded in 1948, Ohio Christian University is a private institution with a total enrollment of approximately 7,900 students, split equally between undergraduate and graduate students. U.S. News ranks OCU as one of the top 80 schools in the Midwest and has received accreditation and approval from nearly a dozen organizations, including the Higher Learning Commission. An 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio ensures personal attention from faculty, small class sizes, and opportunities for collaborative learning. Ohio Christian offers a 36-credit MBA degree with a concentration in digital marketing. Core activities include marketing and advertising for managers, law and legal environment, ethics and leadership, financial management and research, quantitative and analytical methods, etc. From there, the focus covers digital marketing, marketing psychology, digital marketing communications, and product and brand development. The advanced program consists of 6-12 weeks, and upon graduation, students will be prepared to lead and manage digital business development for organizations. Other master’s degree programs include accounting, finance, health, human services and organizational leadership.

Founded in 1932, Southern New Hampshire University is a global leader in online education, with 70,000 online students and 200 online courses. For its efforts, Southern New Hampshire University ranks first in the nation for innovation and industry. Recently, the Chronicle of Higher Education and the New Hampshire Business Review have identified the quality of a college education. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1, Southern New Hampshire combines the resources of a large research institution with those of a smaller one.

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