How To Sell Stuff Fast

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How To Sell Stuff Fast – Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliates and I will receive a free commission if you make a purchase from these links. For more information, please read our Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

Find the best tips and tricks to sell your items fast on Mercari! Then this post is for you! Go from beginner to winner with these selling tips. For more interesting posts, check out my shop page.

How To Sell Stuff Fast

How To Sell Stuff Fast

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite things! Buy online! When the pandemic started and all the stores were closed, we all had to turn to online businesses to get what we needed.

Making More Money Fast

It started when I was looking for a great pair of winter boots and they were on sale all over the internet. Yes, everywhere except Mercari! I found them brand new in a box and half the price that I tried to buy at Nordstroms.

After that I was hooked. I started cleaning out my closet and selling my new wardrobe. Now, I know some of you are like “ugh, f*ck” when it comes to thrift shopping.

But you can also use the search filter to buy new products. There is something for everyone. Say you don’t have clothes with tags in your closet right now that you haven’t worn? What I said is true! Sell ​​first!

I sold all my pre-pandemic styles and now have a closet full of great styles from Anthropologie, Free People, Ann Taylor, Rothy, and other boutique brands that I can’t find in size or in stock. I have the closet of my dreams. Seriously, never felt it.

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And when I’m done using or (saving) these things, I can sell them and buy them again. As you can see above, I spent over $5,000.00 on the item that took the top spot in my closet.

Mercari also has home decor, sports equipment, kitchen items, toys, jewelry, crafts, small furniture, and more! You name it, it’s probably there. I also sell Park Lane jewelry there!

You can follow me on the Mercari phone app on my profile if you like my ads. I always add something new.

How To Sell Stuff Fast

Take great photos of your items from all angles and on tags. Mercari allows up to 12 images per post. This is the key for me. The better the photo, the more browsers you will get. I took my room in the bedroom with a large window with lots of natural light. My walls and doors are white, so the color looks great in this room.

Sell It Fast Preparing A House For Market

Be prepared to see a lot of strange expressions on the list. Here are some of the most popular ones that people use.

Measure your clothes. Even if the item says it’s XL, it doesn’t mean it’s true to size. Brands vary from size to size. I measured the blouse across the chest from armpit to armpit. If the total is 24 inches, you multiply by 2, which equals 48 inches. I also measured the length from shoulder to hem. For the pants, I measured the waist, hip, and inseam. It’s good to know the measurements so you can shop too!

Be VERY descriptive in the title and description section. List brand name, color, fabric type, size, and defects or pilling if not new. If you do not report the defect, it may be returned or returned. Just be honest ​​​​​​and you will have no problems!

Determine the price of your product. I usually look through my stuff and see what’s being loaded. I try to go lower than the top number unless my item is in better condition.

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Just because you paid $100 for an item 5 years ago doesn’t mean it’s still worth it. Price for today.

You want to move things, not sit for long periods of time. I mark the item at about 15%, which leaves room to negotiate the offer.

Check delivery. Weigh the products and choose the cheapest or best shipping option. I use a scale to weigh my things. If you enter the wrong shipping weight, you may be charged for the correct shipping weight or the item may be returned to you. Make sure you check the shipping, though the standard price may be wrong.

How To Sell Stuff Fast

Every Friday I put prices on new, more expensive items. This helps kick start the weekend sales. I sell the most on Sundays.

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I always advise to complete things in my description. Packages allow you to purchase multiple products for one shipping fee. To do this, you create a new list with the desired products and MUST >>>edit the shipping information according to the weight of all products.

If you forget and use the wrong postage it will be returned to you to resend. Name the set to the buyer and have them buy items from the new list. Complete all other prompts on the list. Then delete or disable listings for individual items that have sold.

I also sell stuff on Poshmark! Cross-posting to other platforms is a great idea that can double or triple your sales. eBay is also a great place to sell! I took the ad from Mercari and duplicated it on Poshmark!

I add a few extra dollars per item to the sale prices because Poshmark’s fees are higher than Mercari’s. However, I prefer the shipping option on Poshmark. This is a flat fee of $7.45 to £5. Mercari Shipping is subject to change and is sometimes more expensive for heavier items.

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This is good! You can order each other until the item is sold. There you can make package offers, accept offers and ask about sizes.

Here’s how it works! If you find something and think the price is reasonable, buy it! But if you think you want to negotiate, it won’t be hard to try. Most people will be happy to make/accept offers. I usually ask for 15% less than the listed price and go from there.

You can also request product offers by clicking the blue heart to ‘like’ an item. This will appear on the seller’s dashboard and they can then send special offers to those who ‘like’ the item. Act quickly, but if you want it, everyone’s advice will be appreciated, not just you.

How To Sell Stuff Fast

So, you make an agreement and the person decides to buy your product. That’s good! On desktop: Click your profile picture, then scroll down and click Seller Dashboard. There you will see all the data, balances, statistics and analytics about your sales. In the left column, under “Active list”, click on the order in progress. This will bring up a list of sales that need your attention.

Best Websites To Sell Stuff Online (2023)

Click the blue “View Order” button next to your order and go to the “Order Status” page to download the shipping label. Print prepaid labels and wrap your items. Attach the label and send the package to the correct postal carrier. Then return and confirm your shipment, the buyer will receive an email with a tracking number. This is it! Super simple.

I love the beautiful packaging. Don’t you love getting goodies in the mail? Well, if you use Mercari as a business, packaging is everything! I buy large pink poly envelopes for mailing, medium pink bubble envelopes, and I keep boxes I get in the mail from Amazon or wherever to use larger items.

I wrapped my clothes in pink tissue paper and added fun thank you stickers to the outside. It looks better than throwing things in a bag and sending them. There are no rules for preparing for departure. It’s just my personal style.

Shopping at Mercari is easy. When you find something you like. First of all, it’s heart-pounding. Then make an offer and wait for a message from the seller. They will receive notifications when there is an offer and accept, meet the offer or reject it. You can also customize your message.

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If you are buying something expensive, check the seller’s rating. Go to profile, click on rating and read reviews left by other buyers. If there are a lot of negative reviews, I will skip this item and find another one.

Nothing! Sit more comfortably and wait for him to come. You can check your order tracking number.

If someone leaves your list, ignores the sale, and does not send the purchased item, you can cancel the order and Mercari will refund you. You can cancel your order at any time in advance

How To Sell Stuff Fast

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