How To Sell A Classic Car Overseas

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How To Sell A Classic Car Overseas – At Exotic Car Trader, we deal with a large number of vehicles, both consigned and sold on our website. We know that selling your beloved car can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the process. When you want to sell a vehicle, there are many methods and factors to consider, and if it is a classic car, more care and expertise is required because there is a specific market and a discerning target segment to which you need to promote your vehicle. means

You have the option of selling your car to a local buyer or finding a foreign buyer. The international buyer list is much wider and can offer a better deal on a classic car as the model may be unusual and highly sought after in their country. Although the processes of preparing, shipping, documenting and processing payments can seem daunting, sales can go smoothly with the right help and you can earn a decent profit. Let’s see how to sell your classic car abroad.

How To Sell A Classic Car Overseas

How To Sell A Classic Car Overseas

Since the buyer is from abroad, it is unlikely that he will be able to inspect your car in person. This may be a major risk factor for their perception. This is why it is so important to offer and promote as many details and images of your vehicle as possible. You need to create an impression that stands out from the other options. For example, to prepare your car for sale, you should properly clean it inside and out, have it checked by a trusted mechanic, identify and eliminate minor faults, provide clear and detailed photos, and provide detailed information about the car. In order to determine a reasonable price, you will need to do some research to find out the true value of your vehicle. Because history is king when selling classic cars overseas, be sure to collect and carefully archive all documents and past records related to your car, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you.

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As Exotic Car Trader has been selling classic cars overseas for many years, we advocate for as many dealerships as possible. More people viewing your ad means a better chance of finding the right buyer in less time. Placing an ad online is easy because people all over the world can access it because they are used to such resources when looking for American classics. As this is the first impression, the online listing should clearly and comprehensively photograph every aspect of your car, as well as a detailed description of the car, its condition, modifications and any relevant information, including whether it is a special edition or has any notable history.

The next step is to finalize the payments once you find the right buyer for your car. Make sure you get the full amount before you release the car; if not, you risk not getting everything. An escrow service will protect both buyer and seller from fraud and help build trust between buyer and seller.

Finally, once the payments are made, you have to ship the car out of the country to the buyer, in their country. Shipping costs will be determined based on the vehicle’s final destination and delivery method. Sea or air are the most popular options. Air shipping is faster but can cost up to six figures, making it best for rare and expensive vehicles. Otherwise, sea shipping is the most cost-effective way if the buyer is willing to wait several weeks. We recommend using a delivery or trucking service to pick up the car and deliver it to the buyer on your behalf, as private service is usually more expensive and time consuming.

If you are looking for a place to sell your classic car abroad, you have found the perfect place. Our team at Exotic Car Trader has sold thousands of legendary and classic cars across the country and abroad. We make sure your prized classic gets as much exposure as possible by featuring it on our partner sites like eBay Motors, CarGurus, AutoTrader and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We also have experienced photographers from around the country who will ensure that the best photos of your vehicle are featured in our listings. Exotic Car Trader lets you accept the offer you want and we’ll take care of the trade-in, financing and delivery for you.

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Feel free to contact us with any further questions, we will be happy to answer them and clear any doubts.

Exotic Car Trader offers a curated selection of premium, collectible and iconic cars. Our multi-media listings feature a detailed overview of every car for sale. As a grassroots company with strong ties to South Florida car culture, we strive to set a high bar for transparency every step of the way. If your car would look right at home with our current listings, see how our car delivery program can be tailored specifically to your needs.

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How To Sell A Classic Car Overseas

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Exotic Car Trader is the fastest growing marketplace designed specifically for car enthusiasts. Click below to find out how you can sell your car with us. Selling a classic car in the US? It would be a stupid mistake to list them only for US buyers. Demand for American cars and classic cars continues to grow worldwide. Cars are getting harder and harder to find overseas, and other countries don’t have the same vintage cars as the US. The wider your network of potential buyers, the more reviews and ultimately the more inquiries you will get about your car. Here are the top 3 car sales sites we recommend for listing classic cars for sale: Dyler Dyler is one of the newest sites on our list with a modern and easy to use interface. in 2017 introduced, they quickly gained a global audience. In fact, almost 50% of all visitors are from abroad. Dyler provides a great opportunity for classic car dealers to find buyers for their cars around the world. List your classic car for sale on Dyler for free. – Hemmings With over 27,000 classic cars for sale, Hemmings is one of the largest classic car marketplaces in the United States. Not only does it receive over 2.5 million visits from US visitors, it also sees over a million international visitors every month. Adding your classic car for sale to Hemmings will give you additional audiences in Germany, the UK and Australia. Hemmings is also a place to list your mid to high value classic cars. – is another great site to list classic cars for sale. More than 2 million visits every month, half a million visitors come from abroad. While not many buyers come to this site for high-value cars, it’s a great place to list your American muscle for sale. This is the site where many come to find classic Mustangs, Corvettes and Firebirds. – Bonus Sites: eBay Motors Listing your classic car for sale on eBay is a great place to start. This way, your vehicle will be seen by more than a billion people worldwide. That’s a lot of people, but we recommend adding them to more specific regional eBay sites. You can list your car on eBay Germany, UK and Australia. This puts your car at the heart of the largest classic car markets in the US. eBay Motors currently has over 11,000 classic cars for sale. – Autotrader Classics Autotrader is a respected US site for buying and selling classic cars. Although most of its traffic comes from the US (nearly 85%), it remains a great place to list your car for buyers in the UK, Germany and Australia. –

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