How To Apply For Master Degree

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How To Apply For Master Degree – Do you want to apply for a master’s degree program at the Technical University of Munich? Here you will find all the information you need

Are you eligible to apply for postgraduate studies obtained outside the EU/EEA? Be sure to follow these additional steps before starting your online application:

How To Apply For Master Degree

How To Apply For Master Degree

The first step is to apply online through our portal Our application assistant will guide you step by step through the online application process If you are applying for more than one degree program, please submit a separate application for each program

What Is An Ma Degree?

Please note: We can only consider your application if you upload all required documents and submit a complete application within the application period.

All documents required for admission must be uploaded in the online application form in PDF format Depending on the degree program, required documents include:

You do not need to submit any hard copies before your application is reviewed and you receive an offer of admission. Please upload all the documents online before the application deadline Documents submitted by email cannot be processed

Documents submitted in German or English do not need to be translated Documents not issued in German or English must be translated into German or English by a translator. Please combine both the original and the translation and upload them as one PDF file

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When all required application documents are complete and received by the specified deadline, they will be processed by the Office of Admissions and Enrollment. Due to the large number of applicants, the process may take several weeks Check the status of your application in your online account You will also be notified by email of important updates to your application account, so be sure to check your email account and your spam folder regularly.

Master’s degree programs are subject to competency assessment Once all required documents are submitted and processed, applicants will receive an email with useful information about the invitation and skills assessment process.

You will receive an email confirmation of your admission to a degree program The admission offer will also appear in your online account So be sure to check your inbox, your spam folder and your online account regularly.

How To Apply For Master Degree

The admission process that follows your admission will also take some time So get your admission offer as soon as possible! You can do this in your online account After accepting your admission offer, you have the option to download your admission notice online.

Should You Get A Master’s Degree Abroad?

If you have applied to more than one program and have not yet received an offer of admission for your preferred course, please wait to confirm your acceptance. Otherwise, please accept your study placement online as soon as possible You can accept the study place as per the enrollment deadline But we recommend that you do it before the semester begins, to complete the enrollment process by the deadline.

Have you accepted an offer of admission but need to postpone the start of your studies for some reason? Here you will find everything you need to know about booking your place

Once you have accepted your place, you will be able to submit the necessary documents for enrolment Enrollment is the step that makes you a student

A list of required documents will be displayed in your online account Please note that all required documents must always be submitted by post as notarized hard copies

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Not all documents are originally provided in German or English No liability for unsolicited original certificates. does not accept Please note that all hard copies are digitized and destroyed after the application period ends

For some master’s degrees, you can submit your degree certificate by the end of the second degree semester, provided you submit a transcript of records within the specified application period. Please consult the academic and examination regulations to determine whether this is possible for a particular program If you want to use your degree certificate as proof of your language ability, you must submit it by the end of the application period for a program.

Please note: it is not possible to consider whether an extension of time can be granted until your application has been received.

How To Apply For Master Degree

All the information you need about student union fees and the bank transfer process can be found in your online account

How Long Does A Master’s Degree Take?

You will be enrolled and notified by email Please remember to check your online account regularly to stay updated For technical reasons, it may take up to 24 hours before the enrollment status is verified on your account.

Enrollment for the summer semester is as early as February, for the winter semester as early as August Enrollment is valid from the beginning of the semester on April 1 (Summer Semester) or October 1 (Winter Semester). Only then can you use public transport with your student card

Congratulations – your studies can begin now Before the first lecture, there are still some things that need to be taken care of: from registering in the university library to finding a place to stay. Here you’ll find valuable tips and services to help you get started Having worked in non-traditional and graduate admissions for nearly three decades, I hear many myths about graduate school.

Here is a truth Less than 12% of the American population over the age of 25 has earned an advanced degree This is a very prestigious club – and one with lifetime membership

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Yet the benefits of a bachelor’s degree go far beyond membership You’ll likely have a higher average lifetime income than someone with a bachelor’s degree, and a lower unemployment rate. An advanced degree could be your ticket to a promotion or a new career opportunity

However, before you invest your time, money and energy in applying to grad school, you should answer these five questions:

Does your motivation include increased income, job stability, career advancement or perhaps a career change? Or is earning an advanced degree more personal?

How To Apply For Master Degree

Regardless of your motivation for continuing school, make sure it will provide the expected “return on investment” (ROI) you desire. Maybe your ROI isn’t financial Perhaps your ROI includes the intrinsic rewards of advancing your knowledge or learning new ways of doing things – or the opportunity to network with people who share similar interests.

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Whatever it is, be crystal clear about why you want to go to grad school And then write it down You may want to refer back to it now and then be motivated to complete your graduate studies

Now the fun begins! Choosing your program of study at the undergraduate level is usually easier than when you were in high school and didn’t know what you wanted to major in.

Prospective graduate students usually know what they want to study However, this makes sense if you’re applying to grad school and trying to decide between an MBA and a master’s degree in organizational leadership, for example.

If you look at career progression prospects, what degrees do people in upper management have? Networking with others in your field or consulting with a mentor can also help determine your best fit program

Master’s Degree Programs

Likewise, if your motivation for grad school is to change careers, find out what the preferred certification is for the job field you want to enter.

Next, you need to determine which institutions offer your desired program A good resource to start your search is You can search thousands of regionally accredited schools across the United States

Depending on your program of interest, you can find anywhere from a few dozen options to hundreds of programs.

How To Apply For Master Degree

Do you want to study full time or part time? Do you prefer online or on-campus classes? Are you interested in studying in a specific geographic area of ​​the country, or perhaps abroad?

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Time to create a spreadsheet to compare your top 12-14 programs Review each of your options in this scenario:

Visit campus whenever possible and talk to students, faculty and alumni, as this is often the best way to ensure a good fit.

Okay, you’ve made your list It’s time to double check, because grad school application fees can really add up Usually they are in the $50-$100 range, if not more

I suggest you look at the schools in your spreadsheet and apply to seven institutions Send applications to the top two schools on your list These are probably the top ranked institutes which may be a bit tougher based on your qualifications, but still worth applying for, as the applicant pool varies from year to year. Also apply to three schools where, based on the admissions criteria, you think you have a good chance of getting in. Finally, apply to two institutions where you reasonably believe you will be accepted These are your “safety schools”.

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Let’s back up and remember the rule number 1: Make sure you’re aware of application deadlines for applying to grad school!

. I have seen many applicants who rush to apply right before the deadline

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