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General Car Insurance – “The Break” campaign features a new logo, character development, four new commercials and sports and entertainment partnerships.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 5, 2023 // — General is on a mission to establish itself as the most empathetic and flexible insurance company in the country. Today General has announced the launch of a new campaign called ‘The Break’ to reach drivers who need a break in life and need their car insurance, the next phase of the brand’s ongoing journey.

General Car Insurance

General Car Insurance

‘The Break’ campaign shows how The General has put itself in the shoes of its customers, giving drivers a break when they need it most – and that’s why the brand has provided quality insurance and policy and payment flexibility since 1963. does

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“The Break” campaign includes new ads, collaborations and a revamp with an updated logo and improved overall character. Across all properties, the campaign reflects the simple common belief: when times are tough and you feel like things aren’t going your way, car insurance can make all the difference. The brand’s four new ads debut this spring and summer, highlighting special vacations that The General has offered its customers for years, such as flexible payment options and choosing your due date.

Along with a series of commercials, “The Break” features an advanced character developed by Psyop and made more modern and relatable. Most importantly, his eyes are now revealed to better show his empathy. The General brand team also drew on the history and meaning of the company’s existing logo, retaining the iconic five stars while enhancing the new logo with an updated design. The new logo was originally designed in-house before typeface artist and New York Times bestselling author Jessica Hische refined and refined each letter.

“At The General, giving a vacation to those who need it most is close to our hearts,” said Kale Sligh, vice president of marketing at The General. “This new campaign speaks to our mission to be the most flexible and empathetic insurance company and continues to evolve our brand. We promise to support our customers when they need them and have for 60 years.”

The new locations – which represent the first round of work from The General’s creative agency, Energy BBDO – offer flexible payment and coverage options tailored to the customers they’re located. The general used a tapestry of characters and celebrities who at one point or another needed a break in their lives. Kast is representative of The General’s strategy to create authentic partnerships that align with its brand values ​​and mission, as well as with a diverse group of drivers who all deserve to be booked.

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General’s new ad campaign features four spots, including “Bad Luck Brian” and “Piraguero.” “Bad Luck Brian” pairs iconic brand ambassador Shaquille O’Neal with internet celebrity Bad Luck Brian to show that even unlucky drivers can break out of The General. “Piraguero” connects with a rapidly growing Hispanic audience by introducing Shaq and the newly promoted General visiting a street vendor serving Puerto Rican ice cream. The spot, which is General’s first location designed and produced entirely in Spanish, builds on General’s commitment to creating authentic and relevant relationships with Hispanic audiences.

“What really drew us to The General was how much the entire organization really cares about its customers, including showing empathy, something that is not usually expected in this category. That’s how we got the idea for the campaign, ” said Josh Gross, creator. chief at Chicago-based advertising agency Energy BBDO. “It’s a great, global idea, and we’re excited that it opens a new creative phase for The General and also begins our partnership with these incredible clients.”

To connect with fans around the country, The General is also launching a series of purpose-built marketing partnerships that bring the message of “The Break” to life, starting with the NBA G League. The General announced its partnership as the exclusive auto insurance partner of the NBA G League and G League Ignite in November and launched an eight-part documentary called “The Break, presented by The General.” The series has quickly become one of the G League’s most engaging content series of all time, proving that The General’s “Break” message is already resonating with key audiences.

General Car Insurance

The advertising campaign starts in three parts and will be launched on TV, digital media and social media platforms. For more information and to see new locations, visit and follow the brand on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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General Motors Insurance Services, Inc. (The General®) is a licensed insurance agency and a subsidiary of PGC Holdings Corp. (PGC), which is wholly owned by American Family Mutual Insurance Company. Through its insurance companies and their predecessors, PGC has been writing auto insurance since 1963, providing customers who may have difficulty obtaining insurance from other carriers at a reasonable price. Visit or; Follow General on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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“With the NetSpend card, customers save time by paying their auto insurance premiums electronically from the security of their home with online bill pay, eliminating the need for money orders or wire transfers. It can also be paid in two ways them: first, they avoid money order or bank transfer fees, and if possible, they can also get a discount for electronic payments.”

To learn more and get a quote, please use this link (some restrictions detailed in their terms and conditions):

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Our partnership with NetSpend provides a convenient and convenient payment option. Our goal is to help our customers save time and money, making it easier for you to get insured and stay on the road!

General Motors Insurance Services Inc. (General), an insurance agency, writes auto insurance through affiliated companies and offers other lines of business through affiliates and non-affiliates. More information can be found in the legal notice.

Product offers, coverage, payment plans, discounts and features are subject to verification and vary by state and program. Individual experiences may vary. Rates and potential savings depend on qualifications and vary by state and program.

General Car Insurance

* Average annual savings data based on information provided by surveyed customers nationwide in September 2020 and February 2021, who have already visited The General and experienced savings. For more information on the cheapest car insurance for your needs, contact General Insurance. Get started with a free and secure car insurance quote from The General.

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