Enterprise Car Rental Portland Oregon Pdx

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Enterprise Car Rental Portland Oregon Pdx – When you hand over the keys to a rental car, you rarely stop to think about how the car has been cleaned, fueled and prepared for your use.

Today, the Port of Portland and project partners celebrated the groundbreaking of the $67 million Quick Turnaround (QTA) project at Portland International Airport. In this new building, your rental car is ready for you, with refueling, washing and rental car storage on site.

Enterprise Car Rental Portland Oregon Pdx

Enterprise Car Rental Portland Oregon Pdx

The newly constructed building—on the left as you exit the PDX parking lot or exit Terminal Roadway—is a function that helps rental car companies provide quick customer service to arriving air passengers. Offers clean, fuel-efficient cars ready for use

Hate Shuttles? You’ll Like The New Rental Car Center At Portland International Airport

Three times the size of the previous space, the new QTA offers its employees a more efficient workspace and improves the handling of rental cars. In the peak shift, 220 rental car employees can clean and refuel 430 cars per hour.

Designed to minimize its impact on water resources, the facility features an on-site well and a highly efficient reclamation system designed to reuse car wash water and collect more than 2 million gallons of harvested rainwater. This allows QTA to wash cars without any kind of municipal water use. In addition, the building has LED lighting and an adaptive monitoring system that helps manage energy use according to the time of day and season.

Pursuing certification in the Envision Rating System program, which recognizes sustainable design practices in the design, construction and operation of infrastructure, the two-story QTA hopes to be the largest Envision-certified project in Oregon.

The fast turnaround is the first major infrastructure project to be completed under the PDXNext projects. It is an investment package that improves the airport for passengers and employees. PDXNext projects allow PDX to modernize infrastructure and meet the growing needs of people using the airport. These design and construction projects, which will continue until 2025, represent a more than $2 billion investment for the airport.

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For QTA, Mackenzie provided architecture and interior design; Structural, construction and traffic engineering; Land use and traffic planning; and landscape architecture expert services PAE engineers were mechanical/electrical/plumbing designers Tran Systems provides design services for rental car handling concepts Stantec provides design services for QTA gas stations, car washes and other process related systems. Hoffman Construction was the general contractor Several MWESB entities were hired and awarded contracts that exceeded the set project goals

Instead of cutting the ribbon, project team members fasten seat belts to celebrate the grand opening of the PDX Quick Turnaround facility.

For the latest airport news and information and PDXNext program progress, visit www.pdx.com or @flypdx on Twitter or the airport’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/flypdx. You can follow the airport on Instagram: @pdxairport.

Enterprise Car Rental Portland Oregon Pdx

Our media relations team strives to deliver what they need in a timely manner. You can reach our media relations representative on duty 24/7 by sending a text message or email to the address below. Please contact the appropriate media contact during normal business hours who can assist you with visits and interviews or information requests.

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Stories about how the port is moving to transform our region into a place where everyone is welcome, empowered and connected to opportunity.

Do you have feedback about this site? Send us a message If you want an answer, please also provide your name and contact information When you arrive, go to the rental car center counter to get the rental agreement Self-service kiosks are available at this location, inside the rental car center

The authorized driver is the tenant’s spouse or a spouse who is the same age and meets the tenant’s driver’s license requirements. All other authorized drivers must be present at time of rental and must meet age and driver’s license requirements A $15.00 per day surcharge will be added to the rental price for each authorized driver until all terms and conditions are in effect.

A spouse or common-law partner is the only permitted additional driver in a secured rental with a bank card

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Return the vehicle to the airport Track check-in at the rental car center Drive to the return lane on the first floor and leave the keys on the dashboard

The reservation is created with a contract identifier (CID) assigned to the business account for use by the tenant of the reservation. Use of this CID by non-qualified tenants is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action. Tenants using this customer ID may be required to provide proof of employment or authorization (such as a business card, current email address with the company’s domain name, work order, etc.). Questions regarding an acceptable work certificate or authorization should be addressed to the travel manager

Rentals from the United States: Most vehicles rented in the United States can be driven between the United States and Canada. Certain classes of vehicles, such as exotic vehicles, large passenger or cargo vehicles, and other specialty vehicles, may not be allowed to travel outside the United States. You can get more information about border crossing by contacting the rental location directly

Enterprise Car Rental Portland Oregon Pdx

Most places do not allow travel to Mexico If you plan to travel to Mexico, you must purchase additional insurance to cover the vehicle while in Mexico. Please contact the branch to find out about restrictions and availability

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Damage Waiver for this location -DW- $24.99 – $39.99 per day – DW is offered with rental for an additional daily fee If DW is accepted by renter, renter waives or reduces renter’s liability for rental, loss or damage, including but not limited to towing , storage, loss of use, administrative costs and depreciation. as well as the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and applicable laws DW is not insurance DW purchase is optional and car rental is not required coverage provided by DW cannot duplicate the renter’s existing coverage Renter is not qualified to assess the adequacy of existing coverage, so renter should check their credit card protection, car insurance or other their insurance cover, which may duplicate the cover provided by DW.

The following applies to retail rents that are guaranteed with protection up to the rental price only (excluding liability protections or insurance protections according to commercial contracts):

Extended Coverage (EP) (if available): Owner provides Tenant or any AAD with third party liability coverage in an amount equal to the minimum financial liability limits applicable to the rental (primary coverage). EP also provides additional third-party liability coverage for bodily injury and/or property damage caused by use within the limits of the difference between primary coverage and primary injury. Use of a rental vehicle owned by the renter or AAD in accordance with the terms of the policy Includes only UM/UIM coverage for bodily injury and property damage (only where required by law for property damage) in an amount equal to the minimum financial liability limit applicable to the vehicle (primary coverage), and includes additional coverage through excess liability . In practice, there are statutory presumptive minimums and limits on the difference of $100,000 per accident (for rentals originating in New York, the UM/UIM limits are $100,000 per person / $300,000 per accident; for rentals originating in Hawaii, the UM/UIM limit is 1,000,000 dollar combined individual limit) or the state’s mandatory UM/UIM limit, whichever is greater. OWNER AND LESSEE DISPUTE ANY ADDITIONAL EXPANSION OF THE UM/UIM PRODUCER PERMITTED BY LAW. EP and UM, UIM benefits are provided when the vehicle is driven by the lessee or any AAD. No claims can be made for UM/UIM due to the negligence of the driver of the vehicle EP coverage is in effect when another AAD or rental vehicle is operating between the US and Canada; Warranty Excludes Mexico ADDITIONAL COVERAGE INCLUDES: (A) PERSONAL INJURY OR TENANT, ANY AAD OR BLOOD RELATION OR TENANT OR FAMILY, IF ANY RELATION OR FAMILY LIVES IN THIS HOME; (b) property damage to the rental vehicle; (c) fines, penalties, exemplary or punitive damages; (d) bodily injury, death or property damage that is foreseeable or implied from the perspective of the insured; and (e) any workers’ compensation, disability benefits or workers’ compensation claims for which the insured or the insured’s insurer may be liable under the Workers’ Compensation Act or any similar law. (f) bodily or property damage intended for waiting or for hire or standing Note: All UM/UIM benefits offered are included in the $1 million combined single limit EP coverage and do not in any way increase the single limit above. This coverage is provided by S. American Insurance Company Report SLP Claims To: Sedgwick CMS, P.O. Box 94950 Cleveland, OH 44101-4950, Phone: 1-888-515-3132 Fax:

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