Environment friendly trend


With the right home builders, you may avail the opportunity of unlimited design options and a range of flexibility that exists only with the modular homes. Not only do such homes have an aesthetical appeal, but they are also easier to maintain. Nowadays, the concerns of the population regarding the safety of environment are increasing. Most of the people desire that the negative impact on the environment be minimized. Modular houses have the quality of being environment friendly despite allotting numerous choices of function and design. Since such residences are composed of steel frame or wood, they have a minimum impact on the surroundings. Being made to be more environments friendly is the latest do it yourself home trend of 2014.

The two common trends

Another important trend relates to wood framework construction as well as steel body construction. Understanding the differences and also similarities between the two frames would give you a better understanding of the latest trends.

After the World War II had ended, the returning soldiers felt the need to find homes for their families. This led to a rise in the popularity of steel framing. The past two decades have witnessed a rising interest in steel framing in the housing market. Techniques that were used with wood are now being used with metal. The construction costs have remained the same until the past few years. This is because in the last few years, the prices of wooden have increased while iron still remains affordable. However , wood along with steel have high recycling rates which are 65 percent for timber products, in addition to 63 % for stainlesss steel products.

The same principles of building are employed with both wood plus steel construction. However , different types of fasteners are used. The energy being used happens to be a bit higher in steel structure buildings as compared to woods. This is because metals have a tendency to transfer heat and cold more readily than woods. Despite this difference, steel platform comes out to become stronger and even lighter. This implies that it is more resistant to fire, earthquakes together with pests.

The rate of completion of homes built with steel is faster when compared with those designed with wood. This is due to the inherent properties of metallic. It comes out to be easy for incorporating design details. Examples are overhangs, interesting roof lines, dormers and higher pitched roofs on solid wood frame building. These processes are also less expensive.

These latest trends allow you to select a house in a style that would be loved by your family. You may either use a wood shape construction or a steel figure construction. These days, the lift-up homes can be made to suit several tastes owing to their limitless designing options, affordability and flexibility.

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