New Home Trends You Need to Explore!

Just like anything else that changes with the times, preferences in residential style and function seem to change as well. These modifications are frequently dictated by the current economic conditions, though that does not necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing. Today, buyers are seeking smaller houses and “greener” houses, which probably comes as no surprise; residences are also looked for that can really deliver on value per square foot.

Smaller is Better

A recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reports that home construction footprints are definitely decreasing in size, with the average single-family home estimated to be only about 2, 100 square feet by 2015, as opposed to over 2, 500 square feet in 2007. As average home sizes become smaller sized to combat the effects of economic change, purchasers are also becoming more selective in regards to: built-in or customizable storage options; floor plans that allow for the greatest flexible usage of space; as well as architecture that aids in the reduction of heating and cooling expenses. A decade ago, the actual buying trend was the exact opposite with bigger and more spacious being the popular tendency.

Kitchen Size is Up

Interestingly, as dwelling sizes have changed, kitchen sizes possess either increased or remained basically the same despite the rest of the structure becoming considerably more compact. The biggest differences that are being seen in the kitchen is greater emphasis on counter tops made from more alternative material such as aluminum, glass, poured concrete and laminates, although granite and butcher block remain the definite favorites.

More and More ‘Green’

Another component getting seen in present buying trends is a great focus on the desire to go “green”. Most dwellings today are already complete with energy-efficient appliances, low-energy lighting and low-flush toilets; however , those are only the beginning of a list of energy-saving products and trends. Water-efficient bath fixtures and low-consumption dishwashers have become more commonplace as money-saving, environmentally friendly choices. More and more homes can be found outfitted with cabinetry and furniture built from more sustainable natural resources like wheat, bamboo, palm and other new materials instead of traditional lumber.


In regard to how healthy the house of today has become, styles are being created there, too. Super-efficient, low-emission heating and cooling as well as indoor air quality control has become the standard. Non-toxic, low- or no-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints and also stains are the surface coverings of choice and with good reason. Whole-house water filtration and drinking water systems are also becoming standard as water quality continues to be questionable.

Health-conscious eco-flooring along with non-toxic laminates are beginning to gain popularity too. nontoxic, chemical-free carpeting in addition to rugs made of natural, lasting materials are beginning to be found in more and more houses. Wool is becoming more widely used and, underneath all of those environmentally friendly carpets, natural rubber carpet padding produced from natural latex is increasingly being used.

Today’s housing market is definitely seeing brand new and changing trends, whether due to financial, environmental or even health concerns. Whatever the reason, such fresh trends continue to be quite interesting plus creative and should surely be explored!