Car Insurance Quotes Pa Compare

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Car Insurance Quotes Pa Compare

Car Insurance Quotes Pa Compare

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In Pittsburgh, PA, the minimum car insurance coverage costs 24% less than the national average. It is best to compare rates and consider purchasing from cheaper companies.

At the Guide team we have ranked the best car insurance companies based on various factors including cost. This article will guide you to where to find the cheapest rates in Pittsburgh – based on your driving background.

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The Guide team is committed to providing reliable information to help you make the best decisions about paying for your car insurance. Because customers trust us to provide targeted and accurate information, we have developed a comprehensive rating system to create our list of the best car insurance companies. We collected data on multiple auto insurance providers to rank companies based on a variety of ranking factors. After 800 hours of research, the final result was an overall rating for each provider, with the highest-scoring insurers on the list.

Emmaus, Pa Auto Insurance Agency

The top five car insurance options in Pittsburgh are Travelers, Donegal, Erie Insurance, State Farm and Nationwide. These insurers offer coverage at below average minimum and full coverage rates. They also have good ratings on many review sites and a long list of discounts and coverage options for drivers to choose from.

Unless otherwise stated, the following cost tables show average driving profile rates for a 35-year-old married driver with good credit and a clean driving record.

Our data shows that the average cost of car insurance in Pittsburgh is $40 per month or $476 per year for the lowest premium insurance. This is about 24% below the national average of $52 per month or $625 per year. Similarly, full coverage insurance costs an average of $163 per month or $1,958 per year, which is about 2% lower than the national average of $167 per month or $2,008 per year for full coverage.

Car Insurance Quotes Pa Compare

Travelers offers affordable liability insurance with rates averaging $22 per month or $258 per year. Donegal is the second cheapest option in Pittsburgh with average rates of $25 per month or $301 per year.

Car Insurance Quote For Mechanicsburg, Pa

Liability insurance is the minimum coverage required by the state of Pennsylvania. According to Pennsylvania law, all drivers must meet or exceed the following minimum insurance requirements:

A comprehensive car insurance policy in Pittsburgh can be expensive. Comprehensive coverage includes liability as well as comprehensive protection and collision coverage, which protects against damage caused to your vehicle in a variety of situations. Travelers is the cheapest option for full coverage with average rates of $71 per month or $848 per year.

When it comes to determining the cost of your car insurance, each auto insurance company will look at your driving profile and weigh the risk factors associated with each part of that profile in a different way. These profile features can be:

Some companies care more about a driver’s claims history than their age, and for example, some companies get better credit scores. All drivers have different profiles, so rates can vary greatly between drivers from the same company. This section will find the cheapest auto insurance rates for different driving profiles.

Cheap Car Insurance In Pennsylvania For September 2023

Because of the increased likelihood of being involved in car accidents or breaking traffic laws, teenagers and young drivers over the age of 20 should pay higher car insurance rates. Our data shows that 16-year-olds in Pittsburgh pay about $170 a month for car insurance, or $2,040 a year.

As drivers age into their 20s, the average cost of auto insurance gradually decreases until age 50. Here are some examples of the lowest auto insurance costs in Pittsburgh for different age groups.

Car insurance for teenagers is expensive, but some insurers are cheaper than others. Our data shows that Travelers is the cheapest car insurance company for young drivers, with premiums as low as $59 per month or $710 per year. Donegal, Erie Insurance and State Farm also offer affordable coverage for Pittsburgh youth.

Car Insurance Quotes Pa Compare

Auto insurance carriers in many states (including Pennsylvania) are allowed to use your credit history as a factor in determining your rates. If you don’t have a good credit history, you will pay higher than average rates. If you have a good credit score and a clean driving record, you’re more likely to save on car insurance – especially if you’re over 25.

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Our rating data shows that Donegal is the cheapest choice for bad credit car insurance in Pittsburgh. The company offers low-payment policies for drivers with bad credit for rates as low as $31 per month or $372 per year. This is 15% below the statewide average for good credit down payments.

If a driver has a speeding, accident or DUI record, they should expect to pay more for their car insurance. On average, speeding can increase your rates by 27%, wrong-way accidents by 60%, and DUI by 65%.

Average price increases vary from company to company. In our research, we found that Wasafiri is the best company for drivers who have no traffic violations on their record. The table below shows the company’s average rates for drivers with a speeding ticket, accident or DUI on their record.

According to our data, Donegal offers the cheapest car insurance rates for drivers who have a speeding ticket on their record – $25 per month or $301 per year. Travelers follow with an average monthly rate of $26, with Erie Insurance, State Farm and USAA rounding out the top five choices for speeding ticket car insurance in Pittsburgh. Insurance Reviews: Quotes, Ratings (2022)

If you have been in an accident while driving before, your insurance rates may be higher than if you received a speeding ticket. Travelers and State Farm are the cheapest options here, with average rates of $28 per month and $36 per month respectively. You may find that some car insurance companies charge more than this amount for coverage after an accident.

In Pittsburgh and many other places, driving under the influence can increase your car insurance rates – often by hundreds of dollars each year. Travelers offers average rates of $29 per month or $347 per year for drivers with a DUI. State Farm, USAA and Erie Insurance are also good options with average rates under $52 per month.

Insurance claim rates vary in different areas of the city, so where you live affects the insurance premium you will be charged. Below, you can see how some zip codes in Pittsburgh can be 5.8% cheaper or 3.9% more expensive than the city average.

Car Insurance Quotes Pa Compare

Auto insurance in Pittsburgh is 24% more expensive than the national average. Although this is good news, you can still get even cheaper car insurance. Commuters offers the least expensive service in the city – costing about $22 a month. The same company offers affordable full coverage rates for Pittsburgh drivers, costing $71 a month.

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Compare free quotes to find the company that best meets your Pennsylvania car insurance needs. You can compare insurance products and get auto insurance quotes online or from insurance agents.

Our data shows the lowest car insurance coverage in Pittsburgh, PA costs an average of $40 per month or $476 per year. If you want a full coverage policy, you’ll pay an average of $163 per month or $1,958 per year.

Full premium car insurance in Pittsburgh, PA, is about 2% cheaper than the national average while low premium insurance is 24% cheaper than the national average.

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