Best Place To Buy Contacts Online With Insurance

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Finding the best places to buy contact lenses online is not only of my personal interest (considering I’ve worn them for several years) but also of the millions of other contact lens wearers who depend on them. Daily or occasional use.

Best Place To Buy Contacts Online With Insurance

Best Place To Buy Contacts Online With Insurance

Contact ordering has come a long way: Gone are the days of going to an ophthalmologist’s office in person, placing an order, and then waiting days or weeks for the order to arrive. Online ordering is now not only a convenient option, but one where consumers have a variety of options in both retail and lens selection. So if you’re planning ahead and stocking up on your contact lens supplies, or, like me, waiting for your last pair to pass the milestone, it’s helpful to know the key differences between the most popular places to buy lenses online.

Can I Order Contacts Or Glasses Online With Insurance?

Buying contact lenses online is quite different from other eye-related purchases, such as buying prescription glasses or sunglasses, because you may already have a prescription on hand and be in danger of becoming stressed by running low on supplies.

Unlike glasses and sunglasses, contact lenses are brand-specific, depending on what your doctor prescribes for your eyes. Before you start searching online, it’s helpful to have the following information handy to limit delays with your order:

If you have a vision aid or insurance plan, go ahead and find provider information and other plan details. It’s smart to review your benefits throughout the year so you won’t be surprised when it comes time to pay.

If you have access to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) if you plan to use it to cover the cost of contact lenses, check the amount available for use.

Colored And Decorative Contact Lenses: A Prescription Is A Must

Having your prescription information on hand can speed up the ordering process so you can enter that information when placing your order with your contact. If your prescription cannot be found, most locations will contact your eye doctor’s office, but this may add an extra day to the process.

Most of the purchases you make in life have a brand of choice: glasses, breakfast cereal, perfume, etc. But lenses are different because your doctor prescribes the brand based on each eye’s needs. Some brands may fit your eyes better, such as breathability or astigmatism. If you have questions about the brand your eye doctor recommends, contact your eye doctor’s office for recommendations.

Not only does the price differ significantly between 6-month and 12-month coverage, but the price varies by brand and model. In general, ordering prescriptions online can be cheaper than at the doctor’s office due to purchasing direct from the warehouse.

Best Place To Buy Contacts Online With Insurance

The health of your eyes is not something to take lightly, and you may wonder whether ordering online means you’ll receive the same quality of glasses as if you ordered from your doctor’s office. Make sure you order from a reputable seller with plenty of reviews and security features; so you know you’re not buying something that could damage your eyesight.

Best Places To Buy Contact Lenses Online For 2023

How can you contact someone if you have questions? Find customer service options like 1-800 numbers and availability.

Check what the normal shipping is, such as two days after confirmation, and whether shipping is free or charged extra for expedited shipping. It’s possible that your new contact won’t work, so be sure to review the return policy.

It’s hard to beat the ease of use working with 1-800 Contacts. For starters, the website features almost every recognizable brand of contactor, including custom options like blind or colored lenses. You can easily upload your prescription information with a quick photo. If you can’t find it, don’t worry because the 1-800 contact will contact your eye doctor’s office for you.

1-800 is also the best choice for expired prescriptions. If your script has expired, you can easily schedule an eye exam online and receive your order quickly once the information is updated.

Non Prescription Colored Contacts

ContactsDirect is another great resource because, as the name suggests, they only deal in contact lenses and make ordering extremely easy. Using vision insurance is not a big deal with this company and they are here to help ensure your benefits are used where possible. They go a step further and walk you through both in-network and out-of-network options so you don’t end up with surprising costs.

Whether you have vision insurance or not, ContactsDirect offers many discounts, including student and military savings and price guarantees. offers a wide selection of multifocal lenses as well as other specialty products such as colored lenses and curved lenses. However, if you want a bifocal or multifocal variety – which may be harder to find online than some – don’t worry, because Lenscrafters offers a great selection.

Best Place To Buy Contacts Online With Insurance

In addition to specialty varieties, Lenscrafters is prepared to work with most insurance plans and FSA or HSA payments. If you need additional help installing your script or have questions about the product, they offer 24-hour online chat and you can reach their customer service representatives by phone.

How Much Are Contacts? Monthly, Yearly & More

Despite its name, GlassesUSA offers more than glasses; offers a wide selection of eyewear in dozens of popular brands, including specialty lenses. If you do not have your prescription with you, GlassesUSA can assist you by contacting your doctor’s office. If you need them for any reason, you can reach customer service in a variety of ways, including phone, chat or email.

GlassesUSA also offers coupons for contact lenses; so if you don’t have insurance or aren’t paying out of pocket, you can benefit from additional savings. Free shipping and returns are also a benefit.

If your doctor has prescribed a brand that you have not tried before, if this is your first pair of glasses, or if you have had any problems with your lenses, the return policy is even more important to you. Of all the online shopping sites, Walmart offers the most generous return policy, with a 365-day warranty (it’s not uncommon for most to offer a 30- or 60-day option), and you can return it for any reason.

In addition to the return policy, prices are competitive and several discounts are available. WalMart accepts Vision Insurance and will work with you on purchasing an FSA and HSA. I personally ordered my contact lenses from Walmart and found this: The service was outstanding, the glasses arrived within a few days of my order.

Best Online Contacts Retailers In 2023

When purchasing, there may be questions like how to find your prescription or what to do if the pair don’t fit, which means good customer service is essential. FramesDirect has received a lot of praise for focusing on this area: not only does it have thousands of positive reviews and a 4.7/5 star rating via TrustPilot, FramesDirect also has an impressive A+ rating and 4.75/5 star rating with the BBB. In addition, FramesDirect offers free shipping and expedited options in the 48 contiguous states, as well as a long list of international shipping destinations.

Warby Parker may be known for its wide selection of eyewear, but it’s also working hard to become a contact lens destination. Warby Parker now offers a wide range of colors, including color options for astigmatism.

Whether you choose colored lenses for fun or because your doctor ordered them, a wide selection will likely meet your needs. If you need a prescription renewal and money is tight, you can get a virtual eye exam and renew your prescription for just $15.

Best Place To Buy Contacts Online With Insurance has one of the largest contact options, including daily, bi-weekly, and monthly, and is also the best for specialty lenses. Whether your prescription is for a simple correction or your doctor has ordered something special like astigmatism or gas-permeable options, chances are you’ll find it at If you need a prescription, you can also take advantage of the virtual exam option for Renewal, currently priced at $15.99.

Welcome Eyemed Members!

No one wants to overpay for their needs, and the cost of glasses can cause major sticker shock. Target Optical offers ways to help customers save as much as possible, not least through regular discounts and sales. Target RedCard Debit Card holders can also enjoy an additional 5% discount on contact lens purchases.

Target accepts all major payment methods, and you can take advantage of AFfirm and Afterpay payment options or use PayPal if needed. Target also accepts premium vision insurance plans, which you can easily enter when ordering.

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