Best Car Leasing Companies Uk

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Best Car Leasing Companies Uk – The best company cars are comfortable, spacious and have enough technology and features to ease long commutes and business trips, and have company car tax benefits equal to Low in kind (BiK) helps reduce your salary spent on your company car.

Company car tax is calculated based on the vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions, so the cars we feature here are not only great models but also produce very little, if any, CO2 , as in the case of electric cars detailed below. Please note that relatively small differences between vehicle specifications (such as different sized alloy wheels) can affect CO2 emissions and therefore the BiK ratio ; So carefully check the equipment levels, features and exact CO2 emissions of any car you’re considering. If you want more information about tax on company vehicles with benefits in kind, check out our guide dedicated to this topic.

Best Car Leasing Companies Uk

Best Car Leasing Companies Uk

The BMW 3 Series is already a great executive saloon, so it makes sense that the 330e plug-in hybrid would be worth choosing if you’re after an all-round company car. Like the regular version, it offers a comfortable yet fun drive and also has a spacious interior, although keep in mind that the 330e’s trunk is a bit smaller than the regular 3’s. As standard, due to the way the battery is stored under the trunk floor.

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While the BMW 330e lost ground in real terms, it regained some ground with a very low BiK ratio of 10%. By comparison, the typical BMW 3 Series’ BiK ratio is between 26% and 37%, depending on the specs and engine under the hood.

If you want to go the all-electric route with your next company car, the Volkswagen ID.3 could be the right choice for you. As electric cars, the benefit-in-kind rate is low in 2022/3 and the next two financial years, but the percentage will increase to 3% in 2025/6 and 4% in 2027/8, although electric vehicles will still be an advantage. The BiK tax clearly takes precedence over gasoline and diesel cars, as well as plug-in hybrids.

The ID.3 is also spacious, comfortable to drive and has a decent range. Its interior isn’t as luxurious as what you’d find in the regular VW Golf, and the touch controls are a bit difficult to use, especially while driving.

The Tesla Model 3 is another electric vehicle that could be a great choice as a company vehicle. Although it doesn’t have the same passenger space as the BMW 3 Series, it’s still quite spacious inside and thanks to the car’s large battery pack, you’ll be able to cover a fair amount of ground before having to think about charging it. the Tesla.

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Another big selling point of the Model 3 is the very low BiK price. Because it has no tailpipe emissions and like the VW ID.3, Tesla receives low tax rates on company cars for the foreseeable future (that’s tax year 2027/8, because of the original BiK rate). that has been decided). .

When it comes to making the most of the space and practicality of a company car, there are worse options than the Skoda Superb. Very few cars of this size can beat the Skoda in terms of cabin space and storage capacity. Other than that, with a comfortable ride and well-appointed interior, it’s a great car for commuting, although the Volkswagen Passat is even more comfortable and if you’re looking for something fun a When it comes to driving, you should probably choose a Ford. Mondeo.

While there are plenty of engines available on the Superb, company drivers should definitely consider the plug-in hybrid options on the Superb iV models. While you might not achieve the claimed fuel economy of up to 267mpg (especially if you do a lot of motorway driving), the car’s low CO2 emissions mean the Superb iV rates BiK is 12.0%, although this will increase to 13.% by FY25/26 and will reach 15.0% by FY27/28.

Best Car Leasing Companies Uk

Not every green company car has to be a big saloon: as the plug-in hybrid versions of the Volvo XC40 show, you also have options if you fancy a stylish SUV. The Volvo makes long-distance driving comfortable and relaxing, and unlike other plug-in hybrids, boot space is not compromised by the need to include a large battery pack.

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The only small caveat is to get a little edge. BiK rate is higher, 14% instead of 12%, which will affect your tax liability.

Another electric vehicle worth checking out when looking for your next company car is the latest Kia Niro EV. The Niro is one of those cars that offers a wide range of powertrain options, with hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric models, and an EV version that has long impressed.

The new Niro EV is even better than before, because while its battery range of about 450 km is practically the same as before (and a decent one), Kia has really improved the look of the the latter, giving the Niro more personality than the new Niro EV. I have had it before.

There are plenty of plug-in hybrid Land Rover models on sale right now, from a modern facelift of the iconic Defender to a full-blown luxury Range Rover. Among the plug-in Land Rover models, the Range Rover Evoque P300e should be on your radar if you’re thinking of getting a 4×4 as your next company car.

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Overall, the Evoque plug-in hybrid has all the advantages and disadvantages of a conventional car. This means the P300e is easy to drive and has a high-quality interior, although like all plug-in hybrids you’ll need to regularly use the charger to take advantage of the hybrid setup.

Of course, the real appeal of the P300e is that it has by far the lowest company car tax rate of any Evoque on sale at the moment. While all other Range Rover Evoque models suffer from high BiK rates (37%), the P300e version will cost company car drivers 12% thanks to its low CO2 emissions and range Official range is 60 km in all-electric mode.

Fancy something a little more upscale? Enter the plug-in hybrid version of the Mercedes C-Class, which has a rather impressive electric range of 71 miles, something that helps it achieve a 5% BiK rating, making it not much more expensive than the company car. tax than an all-electric car.

Best Car Leasing Companies Uk

Although the Mercedes C300 e is quite an expensive car, that cost at least gets you a fully furnished interior with Mercedes’ latest infotainment system and a cabin that’s as stylish as the S-Class. luxurious.

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Toyota has long been a pioneer in gasoline-electric power, so it’s perhaps no surprise that the Corolla Hybrid is worth considering if you’re after an eco-friendly company car. This is especially worth considering if you’re looking for a relaxing drive and want a hybrid but don’t have off-street parking, which makes life with a plug-in hybrid a lot more convenient. much.

Because the Corolla is a conventional hybrid and not a plug-in hybrid, it’s a little easier to match Toyota’s claimed fuel economy of up to 62 mpg in daily driving , although this also means it doesn’t have extremely high fuel consumption. low CO2 emissions on paper and BiK rates like similarly sized plug-in hybrid models, tax on company cars is much higher, although still slightly lower than tax on family cars The family runs on regular gasoline or diesel.

At first glance, you might think that a large sedan like the Audi A6 would be quite expensive if purchased as a company car. That’s not so much the case for the TFSI e plug-in hybrid model, however, as this version’s low CO2 emissions help it in terms of tax liability, while its 42-mile electric range puts it in the wrong hands. into the lower BiK range. . than some plug-in hybrids.

Being an Audi A6, it’s also a very comfortable car to ride in and the interior is as good as you’d expect in an Audi at this price. However, like many plug-in hybrids, the TFSI e version costs significantly more than the regular Audi A6.

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It’s also worth noting that while there’s a large amount of standard kit, there are some very expensive options available for the A6 – as BiK fees are calculated as a percentage of the car’s value, you end up with You may have to pay more than necessary. . on company car tax if you go a little overboard with the options and accessories list.

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